Constantin Augustinus Sieve – Hollywood Dream Comes True

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Rising superstar Constantin Augustinus Sieve plans on making acting a lifetime commitment. With his good looks and positive energy, he is already on the road to success as an actor and model. At the young age of 22, the German born actor has already traveled extensively, made it to Hollywood and has been in several films including “Saudade”, “Lights”, “A Little Strange”, “Glass Walls”, and many others. 

He’s focused, confident and passionate about his craft as if he’s on a spiritual quest and God himself propels his chariot of fire.

Constantin had some compelling answers to questions regarding his career and future……

What inspired you to want to become an actor? What about Hollywood attracted you?

I first came in touch with acting in New Zealand. At that time, I had been looking for a way to deal with my emotions. Having experienced a lot of difficulties with the portrayal of frustration, anger, and envy, I found a safe haven on stage. When I performed my first piece, during which my main task was to be very angry, I experienced a freedom I had always looked for. I was able to depict my true emotions but instead of facing social repercussions I was celebrated for their intensity. 

I knew I wanted to stick with acting as long as possible right there and then. Shortly after, I dared to dream and planned to go to Hollywood to “the beating heart of the entertainment industry” to learn from the best of the best and surround myself with immense talent. 

I always believed in “The greater the challenge, the greater the reward”. Placing myself in the world’s biggest artistic melting pot is my way of ensuring that I will forever grow and learn to keep myself up to the game. 

What would be your dream role?

That is a very difficult question to answer. I have a hard time picking one role. I rather like to think about it as characteristics I would love to inhabit. I guess what I am saying is that in my dream role, whatever that may be, I will get to deal with the problems caused by fierce passion, moral dilemmas, high intellects, fears of rejection and failure, social disassociations, and families and personal expectations. Roles such as Benedict Cumberbatch’s role in Imitation Game, Zendaya’s or Mike Faist’s role in Challengers, or Timothée Chalamet’s role in Dune would be perfect examples of the problems I would love to act through.

Is there a moment that you can recall that changed the whole trajectory of your life?

Wow! There are multiple moments for sure. I would love to talk about two of them real quick. I believe that they are both connected but the same higher concept.

The first moment I want to highlight is when I was sitting on a plane to New Zealand. I had sat for at least 16 hours and was very much lost in my own thoughts. I was very excited about my future in New Zealand and wondering what it was going to look like. I knew that I had an amazing opportunity in front of me and I wanted to make sure that I used that opportunity the best way possible. I remember making a deal with myself. I told myself that I will have to say yes to everything that is coming my way. To not let fear be an excuse in the face of a promising adventure.

That little rule I made in that plane has changed my whole life. I had said yes to taking Drama classes in high school, I had said yes to trips I never would have taken otherwise, I had said yes to daring to dream to come to Hollywood. 

The other moment has been the rather recent moment I had decided to structure my day. I have always been a sucker for structure. It has made my life so much easier. In moments of doubt and weakness, I have a structure that I can rely upon to catch me and give me the motivation to keep on pushing for the goals I have set for myself. 

It helps me to follow through on my word and my actions leading to timely accomplishments. 

Which is what connects both moments. In both instances I have transitioned from becoming an inactive observer of my life to an active participant creating my own opportunities and building towards the version of my life that I visit in my dreams. I truly relate to the saying that actions speaks louder than words. 

Do you have a favorite actor or influence and if so, why?

Oh yes! I aspire to be a powerhouse like Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet, Will Smith and Austin Butler. I admire their work they have put in their careers and salute to their commitment to their craft. I can feel their passion radiate through their roles and love to see them experience the success they have built for themselves. 

When it comes to a big influence of mine, I would say that my family has played a big role in my life. They always have inspired me to reach for the stars and to give it my best. They never allowed me to settle with the ordinary and have taught me quite early on that I have to be pro-active if I would like to reach my goals. Especially my sister has left her mark on me. She has introduced me to traveling at a young age and has opened my eyes about the possibility that life has to offer. To this day she is a big role model for me, and I believe that she will keep that role for the rest of my life. 

What are some of the challenges you are facing?

I would say that I am fortunate enough to find myself in a position where the majority of my challenges are self-induced.

I have a hard time keeping up with my schedule. I like to explore the limitations of the hours I have in a day and tend to pack my day with tons of work as I keep my deadlines short. 

Currently I am working on a script for a series, another one for a featured film while keeping myself busy with auditions and other work. I also make sure I get enough rest and time off, finding the right balance for work and leisure is just as rewarding as the leisure itself. 

What is the biggest triumph thus far in your career?

I would say fostering an inspirational and positive mindset that allows me to dream and reach as far as my fantasy permits. 

To me, every action I take eventually started as a little thought in my head. Consistently giving myself permission to think the wildest thoughts is truly my biggest triumph. It has lead me down the creative path, one that I had been profoundly longing. 

If you could have me ask you any question on the planet, what would it be and how would you answer?

“How has your pursuit of the arts shaped your understanding of life?”

The Arts have forced me to open up to life’s unpredictability and relax in the face of adversity. In order for me to practice the arts, I have to surrender to the present moment, give up the tempting certainty of control. 

As a person who loves and drives towards structure, definition and control I have learned that dynamic flow of life is not meant to be controlled. Otherwise, it becomes rigid and limited. Just like my art becomes predicable and stagnant, my life falls short on surprises and truly enjoyable moments. 

In a sense the arts have shown me that life is a wild, unpredictable force better to be guided by than to guide. 

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