June 9, 2023

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Capturing America’s Passion for Cars

“All of those cars were once just a dream in somebody’s head.”–Singer Peter Gabriel, “Mercy Street” By Gerry Barker TACOMA_ If automobiles did indeed start as someone’s dreams, it took someone else with vision to […]

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Sergei Babayan Concludes Bach Week Festival

The fiftieth annual Bach Week Festival, the 2023 Golden Season, concluded May 14th, 2023 with a stunning presentation by master pianist Sergei Babayan at Evanston’s Nichols Concert Hall, 1490 Chicago Avenue, Evanston. The appearance of Babayan, [...]
Cruises & Tours

Mekong Delta is Floating Marketplace 

We spent an interesting and educational two days on the Mekong Delta. This optional overnight excursion was offered during Viking Cruise Line‘s Secrets of SouthEast Asia cruise in March of 2023. The Mekong Delta is a 15,600 square mile section [...]

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