Raise a Pint to the International Sensation – “The Choir of Man”

The cast of "The choir of Man." Photo by Michael Broslilow.
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Cast of “The Choir of Man.” Photo by Michael Brosilow.

It’s a bar, it’s a concert, it’s a play. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and it’s now live at the Apollo Theatre in Chicago through July 14, recently extended due to rave reviews!

The Choir of Man showcases a talented group of musicians who play multiple instruments as they sing and tell the stories of their lives on the stage that doubles as a bar, The Jungle. They invite the audience to come dance with them, offering them beer and Pina Coladas. On the second floor of the set are four additional musicians who rotate down to the stage below.

Known across the globe as the “feel-good show,” “The Choir of Man” made its debut on London’s West End stage in 2017 and has been performing throughout the world ever since. Created by Andrew Kay and Nic Doodson, this show features 90 minutes of nonstop fun without intermission. Drink in the exuberant excitement as music is the common denominator and everyone is welcome.

You’ll hum along to your favorite tunes featuring pop, classic rock, folk music and pub anthems by such famous artists as Paul Simon, Adele,  Katy Perry, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Luther Vandross and others. With nine amazing musicians, together they romp in beautiful harmonies, tap dancing, and foot-stomping singalongs.

“The Choir of Man.” Photo by Michel Brosilow

Sing to your heart’s content to “Hello,” “Escape” (The Pina Colada Song), “Save Tonight,” “You Raise Me Up” and more. You’ll come away with a sense of community with honest conversation and revelations that can only take place in a bar. Think “Cheers” with an international cast coupled with your favorite local pub.

My favorite scene was about home and learning more about where home is for the musicians. One of the performers is actually from Chicago.

Photo by Michel Brosilow

Shane McDaid (center), an Irishman from Dublin, Ireland serves as the heart of the show as the Poet, creating a sense of authenticity and sincerity as he spun his ballads.

Co-producer Nic Doodson states, “With a wildly successful engagement on the West End now in its second year, and sold-out productions in multiple international venues, we are bringing the show back to Chicago. This great city welcomed us enthusiastically when we made a stop here on our tour—and we think Chicago’s Apollo Theater is the perfect place for us to call home for our return. So, come thirsty for great music and great beer!” Bottoms up!

For tickets, call Ticketmaster at (773) 935-6100, or by visiting the box office at the Apollo Theater, 2550 N. Lincoln Avenue in Chicago.


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