Ensemble and Emma Nossal as Peggy - photo by Karli Cadel
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By Kathy Carpenter

Emma Nossal as Peggy Sawyer – photo by Karli Cadel

“You’re gonna dance until your feet fall off, till you’re not able to stand up any longer, but in five weeks from now we;re going to have a show.’” says Warner Baxter as Julian Marsh. Moonlight Stage Productions Broadway’s Best Under The Stars. presents, “42nd Street Directed and Choreographed by DJ Gray. Gray has come full circle after beginning his San Diego career performing in “42nd Street,” at the Starlight Theatre. 42nd Street has classic sparkling appeal for any tap dance fan.

Tracy Lore as Dorothy Brock – photo by Karli Cadel

“42nd Street,” a timeless Broadway classic, transports audiences into the bustling world of 1930s New York City during the Great Depression. Set against the backdrop of the theater industry, the musical unfolds as a tale of ambition, love, and the transformative power of art.

Ellie Barrett Harvey as Annie, Jamie Torcellini as Bert Berry – photo by Karli Cadel

The story follows Peggy Sawyer, a young and talented dancer from a small town, who arrives in the Big Apple with dreams of making it big on Broadway. When fate thrusts her into an unexpected opportunity to audition for a new musical produced by the renowned Julian Marsh, Peggy’s journey takes an exhilarating turn. Julian, a tough yet empathetic director, is determined to create a hit show, “Pretty Lady,” that will revitalize his career.

Emma Nossal as Peggy Sawyer, Ian Black as Billy – photo by Karli Cadel

As Peggy navigates the competitive world of show business. The musical showcases not only the glamour of the stage but also the intense behind-the-scenes efforts required to put on a successful production.

With unforgettable musical numbers, lavish choreography, and dazzling tap routines, “42nd Street” captures the essence of the era’s showmanship and extravagance. The show’s iconic “42nd Street” production number, is a breathtaking display of synchronized dance that leaves audiences in awe.

Emma Nossal as Peggy Sawyer, Patrick Cummings as Julian – Photo by Karli Cadel

The role of enthusiastic small town girl seeking fame, Peggy Sawyer, is Emma Nossal, the perfect  girl next door. Julian Marsh, the driven director, with a hidden heart, the mostly romantic lead is played by Patrick Cummings; The man could melt a few hearts, in the few romantic moments of the show. Then we have sweet Billy, played by Ian Black, the dancer smitten with Peggy. Talented and charming, the cast also includes the fabulous voice and talent of Tracey Lore, as Dorothy Brock, the incredible Bets Malone, as Maggie, and E.Y. Washington as Andy. Of course, the show would be an extravaganza without the ensemble. Not to mention vibrant costumes, dazzling visuals, and exquisite orchestral performances led by Dr. Randi Rudolph.

Adam Blanchard and Ryan Perry Marks, ensemble, Emma Nossal as Peggy Sawyer, Trevor Rex and Colby Hamann, ensemble – photo by Karli Cadel

 “42nd Street” not only celebrates the world of theater but also pays homage to the dreams that drive individuals to overcome adversity and reach for the stars. With its toe-tapping tunes, dazzling choreography, and a heartwarming narrative, the musical continues to captivate audiences, reminding them that with the right rhythm and a bit of Broadway magic, dreams can come true.

42nd Street

Thru September 2, 2023

Moonlight Amphitheater


The final show of the season

Saturday Night Fever

September 13 – 30, 2023


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