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Awakening at the Wynn Las Vegas in Las Vegas is an 80 minute must-see dazzling production which entertains on all levels – literally! It delivers with the WOW factor.

You will find yourself immersed in a mythical world where the heroine 10 and her somewhat comedic helpers Bandit and Boo are on a quest. They must confront the forces of Darkness in order to bring Light back to the world. Through the adventures of IO, Awakening explores the complex relationship between two opposing forces: Light and Darkness. The show centers on their love story and the universal message that opposites attract.

But this show isn’t about the plot. This spectacular five star presentation is a treat for all your senses. It has every element that you want in a Las Vegas production. And with 1600 seats – the farthest only 75 feet from center stage – every seat has an unobstructed view.

The ground breaking technology, the incredible sound system, the talented cast, the music, the use of multiple levels of action. This is theater at its finest.

The Dancers

The choreography was created to maximize the visuals that fill the 60-foot 360 degree prismatic rotating stage constructed of Dichroic glass and custom Led screens. The 300 costumes used in the production are colorful, creative, and often unique, designed to capture high fashion yet developed to move, perform, and beathe in harmony with the dancers. The story line takes the audience to other alternate worlds where the latest technology comes into play. The dance includes all variations from rock to break dancing to ballet.

The Creatures

Creatures coming down from the top of the room, sometimes animatronic figures and other times imagery — the result of lighting and other unimaginable technological elements. The large-scale puppetry from producer and character designer Michael Curry. is like nothing you have seen before. If often has audience members wondering whether what they are seeing is a robot, a person, an illusion, or a video.

The Music

The original musical score by composer Brian Tyler showcases his unique approach to balancing tone and vibe and the way they affect each other. And no, you won’t need earplugs. The sound level is controlled. It isn’t blaring. But you can hear every word clearly thanks to the custom sound system which utilizes personal speakers at every seat creating a 3 D sound effect. Comfortable padded seating was clearly designed so that vertically challenged people – like this writer – sitting behind the six footers can still see everything.

The Cast

The cast of 60 entertainers is top of the line. Everywhere you look there are dancers, singers, acrobats, and magicians, along with puppets and projected characters. Beyond the expected dancing, you’ll see gyrations on the flexible balance beam, baton and fire twirling, Aerial gymnastics. This being Las Vegas, there’s magic along the way with characters vanishing and appearing elsewhere in the theater. No real lions or tigers or bears, but extraordinary creatures that will take your breathe away.

Michael Halpin, Baz Curry, and Bernie Yuman Courtesy photo

This extravaganza was produced and directed by Baz Halpin with new choreography by Emmy® Award-winning choreographer Mandy Moore (La La Land, Dancing with the Stars, Taylor Swift), The show was conceived and created by Executive Producer/Producer Bernie YumanBaz Halpin, and Producer and Character Designer Michael Curry, and is narrated by two-time Academy Award®-winner Anthony Hopkins,

For the Entire Family

As we exited the show, I conducted my own random survey which confirmed my thought that the show holds the kids’ attention along with others of all ages. Awakenings is a modern age theatrical experience with the most advanced technology, incredible physical facility, and talented performers. You will not see this anywhere but Las Vegas!

Specials in Place

There are often specials for locals in place Ask about VIP packages as well. Visiting for more information.

Performances of Awakening are Friday – Tuesday at 7 p.m., with an additional performance at 9:30 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, and Tuesdays. The show is dark on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Tickets can be purchased at Awakening tickets or by visiting the Box Office at Wynn Las Vegas.

Article by Burt Davis and Dianne Davis Photos by Dianne Davis


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