Interview – Caire Beauty Co-Founder Lorrie King

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Caire Beauty is a skincare brand developed specifically to slow down skin’s aging in pre- and post-menopausal women. Founded by Lorrie King and Celeste Lee, Caire Beauty is a science-backed, female-biology focused skincare company. 

Founders Lorrie King and Celeste Lee were in their 40’s themselves when they uncovered that hormone-associated aging- THE primary driver of skin aging in midlife women – was an ignored arena. 

In early 2021, they launched the Caire Lab & brand to create proprietary, clinically verified skincare, designed to counteract the skin cell generation slowdown caused by hormone decline. The CAIRE brand ethos is premised on belief in age-positive female strength, confidence and capability. 

The Caire lab makes scientifically advanced formulations and delivery systems to address specific life events including menopause, aging, and critical health challenges. We bring the science of prestige and physician branded products directly to any woman for an affordable price.

Caire’s brand ethos is premised on belief in age-positive female strength, confidence and capability. Today, Caire Beauty is on the leading edge of a cultural sea change, whereby lifestyle products and services are reinventing how today’s woman experiences peri/menopause and midlife.

How did your Beauty Line come about?

“I’ve been in the business of beauty a long time. I’ve worked in haircare with John Frieda, in fragrance with Halle Berry and Celine Dion, in skincare with Boots London and I’m pretty well versed in how to take care of hair & skin. But when you’re a woman in your forties and your skin rebels… for me, the texture of my skin became rougher and eye crinklies popped up overnight. My friend and Co-Founder Celeste was just as bummed when sags and circles around her eyes and mouth appeared around the same time as my crinklies. It was like an epidemic amongst our girlfriends. We knew we had to do something ourselves as the beauty business isn’t in the business of catering to women over 40 and 50. They try to get you when you’re 17 and keep you forever.” Lorrie King, Co-Founder of Caire Beauty.

Why are your products designed for woman ages 40-ish and over?

So, we find out that sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone..) are a huge part of skin regeneration.  Here’s the science: a woman’s body from her early 40s well into her fifties loses hormone production. This in turn causes our ability to regenerate skin to slow down.  Our skin layers lose hydration power, and our youthful glow disappears… Basically, we started Caire to create potent, credible skincare for women to make up for this hormone problem. Although our science is pretty great for men over 45 or 50 too because guess what … testosterone in men’s skin is like estrogen in women’s skin.

Please tell me about more about your products?

I’m disappointed by brands that codify 8, 10 or even 16 step regimens, costing a small fortune. We have 3 effective products – a twice weekly mask, twice a day serum treatment and a once or twice a day patented lush lipid moisturizer that all works together. It’s scientifically Designed for Grownups, and is also clean, vegan and fragrance-free which matters because mature skin is way more sensitive and prone to inflammation than younger skin. Everything we do is about deep nutritive hydration, cellular regeneration and making your glow appear.

What makes your product different than some of the others?

For starters, we use a custom-made ultra-low weight Hyaluronic Acid molecule that is vastly smaller than 99.5% of what you see on the market. Size matters because getting tiny allows for the molecule to sink down into the lower skin layers. HA is a camel, it holds 1000x its own weight in water, so it builds hydration internally.. naturally. The right HA and there’s a lot of HUGE useless sized HA out there, helping your skin plump itself from the inside out. That’s in everything we make. 

Our Mask is microplastic free but can still tighten & flatten out forehead lines. The effect isn’t forever of course but it’s pretty nice, plus it makes your skin texture baby soft. What people don’t know is that most tightening masks use scary plastic chemicals to achieve that effect. Ours is done with vegetarian potato starch.

Are you working on more products for your line?

We just launched The Grownup Moisturizer about 2 weeks ago. It’s the first moisturizer to fight internal – that’s those declining hormones – AND external aging at the same time. External oxidative caging is the cellular damage caused by pollution and stress. A little goes a long way – a 15ml tiny jar will last a full month and you can use it anywhere on your body that you’re seeing skin aging. 

Do you personally use your products, and do you have a favorite?

I use Caire religiously! I can’t pick a favorite as they work together so nicely. I’m not a Retinol person myself because I believe strongly in our own philosophy – our skincare improves skin from the inside naturally. It’s slow growth but very gentle constructive growth. We help skin without having to cause damage first to get collagen regeneration to happen. Caire is good nutrition for skin in the same way eating good protein is good for bones. 

Do you use any products that aren’t yours?

Of course. Anyone who says they only ever use their own products is probably not telling the whole truth. I really like Osea Undaria Algae Body Oil which – our favorite clean beauty retailer – carries. It is a great complement to Caire’s The Grownup Moisturizer.

What advice would you give to your clients about the product?

I always tell people to feel good about ‘taking caire’ of themselves. An investment in your skin is an investment in you. Our Triple Lift Molecule Mask is a miracle worker. A lot of people never do masks or think they don’t have the 15 minutes to allocate to it in the morning. An easy way to include it in your life is to put it on when you wake up, then make your tea or coffee, enjoy your morning beverage, check out the morning news and all of a sudden 15 minutes have gone by and you can wash off the mask (which by this point has tightened up into this cool rice paper effect on your face). The great thing then is that you can pat yourself on the back for having already done something good for yourself! You can even just jump in the shower post-tea and wash off the mask during your morning shower. Talk about efficient!

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