Baskerville Review – Madcap Mystery

Photo Courtesy of Lambs Players
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By Kathy Carpenter

Brian Mackey as Sherlock Holmes photo by ken Jacques

Are you a Sherlock Holmes aficionado? Lamb’s Players presents Ken Ludwig’s “Baskerville,” as part of it’s 50th season. From the master Sir Conan Doyle’s “Hounds of the Baskervilles” emerges Ludwig’s fast paced delight, while maintaining the mystery and suspense of the original tale. A well written plot with entertaining characters, the play is pleasurable entertainment that captivates your imagination.

John Wells lll, Brian Mackey, L – Watson R-Holmes Photo By Ken Jacques

Written in 1901, The Hounds of the Baskervilles is one of Conan Doyle’s most famous works. The story was serialized in 1901 -1902 in the Strand Magazine with the book published in 1902. The story is based on a local legend of a ghost hound that haunted Dartmoor in Devonshire. It takes place briefly in London before moving to the haunting moors of Baskerville Hall. 

 Sir Charles Baskerville is found dead at the gates to the hall. Sherlock Holmes and Watson are called in to protect Sir Charles’ heir Sir Henry, a lovable American Cowboy. Holmes, claiming prior business, sends Watson to be his eyes and ears, while he tackles the clues in London.

Angie Chatelain, Michael Louis Cusimano – photo by Ken Jacques

The real stars of the show are the  three master actors who portray 39 characters. They are humorous, interesting and spectacular. Omri Schein is one of the best character actors I’ve seen in San Diego. His counterpart, Angela Chatelain Avila, is a master.. Michael Cussimo is always a pleasure to watch. He portrays Sir Henry, a little bigger part, not quite as many other roles but a jewel, none-the-less. Omri Schein, Angela Chatelain Avail, and Michael Cussimo made each character totally fresh, never missed a beat.

Angie Chatelain Avila, John Wells lll By Ken Jacques

Sherlock Holmes is portrayed by Brian Mackey, a San Diego favorite. Watson, his accomplice, is played by John Wells III holding his own in incredible company. 

Technology enhances the show with stunning backgrounds on three jagged wooden backdrops. With shots of a spectacular library/study in Sherlock’s home on Baker street and beautiful photos of daytime and nighttime moors. The shots bring the locations to life. 

Omri Schein, Brian Mackey, John Wells lll – Photo By Ken Jacques

For costumes we have Holmes trench coat, pipe and deerskin cap, Watson’s suit, and Sir Henry’s cowboy boots and hat. Jemima Dutra excelled at the daunting  task of dressing 36 other characters. Each period costume required easy access for quick changes, and something to distinguish each role. Kudos job well done. 

If Sherlock Holmes is your thing, the Hound of the Baskervilles is a show you don’t want to miss

Brian Mackey, Michael Louis Cusimano, John Wells lll photo by Ken Jacques


Lamb;s Player

Thru November 20, 2022

Jan, 3 -8 2023



A Christmas Carol

December 1-24


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