NEWSical The Musical at The Majestic Delights Las Vegas Audiences – Review

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“Everybody is full of sh*t”. If you grin and shake your head in agreement, then quick, get your tickets to see a light hearted, comical show that pokes fun in all directions. NEWSical The Musical at the Majestic Theater in the Las Vegas Arts District is a production that will have you laughing throughout the show during its limited run which ends April 24th . It is fast paced entertainment as four talented cast members tackle some old topics mixed with recent news. They touch on politics lightly, nothing offensive. Since this is Las Vegas, they point their humor at some Vegas icons.

Photo by Dianne Davis

You’ll see a forgetful Biden pontificating and an exaggerating Trump at the Dog Show. But you may not have expected Frank Sinatra played by Taylor Crousore to sing “I Had Em All” as he gave us a list of the first ladies he has been with.

Sexual orientation gets an airing with lines like “When you mix gays with Jews, you get musical theater.” And then more. The gay thing? That comes at you in a song entitled, “You’re in Denial”. It starts out softly enough suggesting that you’re in denial if you think Jimmy Kimmel is really witty, but then – wham – references to modern performers including Ricky Martin, Lance Bass, and Neal Patrick Harris, then back in time to Rock Hudson and Liberace. All in good fun.

Photo by Dianne Davis

Carly Sakolove nails it as Adele singing “I’m unreliable” and asking, “Are you still mad at me.” The internet gets skewered in a skit that pokes fun at Web MD. Apparently, whatever your symptoms are, Web MD will tell you that you are dying of something.

Kristin Alderson is delightful doing her Brittany Spears Hokey Pokey and equally amusing with her Kardashian parody.

Photo by Dianne Davis

Photo by Burt Davis

And then there’s Michael West as Bernie Sanders getting a job as a Walmart greeter and sharing that the only time he doesn’t have to pee is when he is peeing. You’d best use the rest room before the show if you have Bernie’s issues. Oh, and because there is no intermission in this tight 65 minute production.

Photo by Burt Davis

NEWSical The Musical was the 2011 winner of the Off-Broadway Alliance Award for Best Musical. It has gone though regular rewrites to keep it current during the ten years and 3,000 performances in New York.

Tom D’Angora NEWSical Producer, Troy Heard, owner of Majestic, Michael D’Angora NEWSical Producer Photo by Dianne Davis

The show is a hilarious combination of spoofy and goofy filled with witty satire. The skits in various combinations of performers move quickly and before you know it, it’s over and you’re wanting more. If you were a fan of That Was The Week That Was, Laugh-In, or Saturday Night Live, you get a bit of each one in this show.

Photo by Burt Davis

The Majestic Theater on 1217 South Main in the Las Vegas Arts District only seats 70, so make your plans for an evening of good fun and laughter prior to the end of its limited run on April 24, 2022.

Article by Dianne Davis and Burt Davis


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