Choc Factory’s NEW XOXO Lip Gloss Launch Party

Cori Broadus of Choc Factory
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On Friday, October 1, 2021, from 7 PM-12 AM the Launch Party for Choc Factory’s “NEW” XOXO Lip Gloss was held at Violet Noir. Cori Broadus, affectionately known as the daughter of Snoop Dogg, shared an exclusive premiere of XOXO’s “Hot Coco” and “Birthday Suit.” The event consisted of Choc Factory product sampling, scrumptious tacos, gourmet cinnamon rolls by JUS ROLLS complimenting the luxurious decor, with Snoop Dogg’s smooth wines featured.

Previously known for her work as a music artist, Cori Braudus is now the CEO of CHOC Factory with boyfriend Wayne Deuce. Advocating for body positivity and self-love, the beauty brand also features Baby Jacc Gloss, Blaccer The Berri Gloss, C-Lips Spa Headbands, and Mucca Lip Balm. Cori answered a few questions regarding her beauty line for LA Splash: 

Is this your first beauty launch?

Yes, this is my first beauty launch with my boyfriend, Wayne. He is my business partner. I really love lip gloss and I just wanted to try and get into the beauty world and try and do something things that I’ve never done.

Do you plan on expanding?

Oh yeah for sure. I plan to have foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, lip liner. But you know, it is not just makeup. We do customized spa headbands. We are going to get into clothes and all types of s***, you know, just creating it being creative.

What makes your lip gloss stand out?

It is very inclusive and makes me feel me, because you know I’m not a make-up girl, so if I put on some gloss, I feel good to go. It makes me feel comfortable, it makes me feel confident. I am showing girls, you know, you don’t need to do too much to be pretty or to be “bomb” or be a “bad bitch”, you know? Just be you.

Do you have a message for the consumer?

Be you at all times. F**** what a hater got to say. Just keep doing you at the end of the day. Keep being consistent, keep on doing what you do and everything will fall into its place the way it is supposed to.


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