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courtesy of Moonlight Amphitheater
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Jenna Lea Rosen as Belle and Michael Deni as the Beast – photo by Ken Jacques

Moonlight Amphitheater Presents “Beauty and The Beast The Broadway Musical”  offering pure enchantment, romance, laughter and magic under the moon! Directed by Jamie Torcellini, this is Broadway quality entertainment in Vista.

Belle and Gaston – Jenna
Lea Rosen and Evan White – photo by Ken Jacques
Michael Deni as the Beast – photo by Ken Jacques

Moonlight welcomes us back to family theatre in grand style, and on opening night and the audience was great. I Can’t remember the last time an audience cheered and clapped so loudly. Normally, even with a big audience I feel badly for the actors, as the audience aren’t enthusiastic, even for a good show. This was different. It was the first time I’ve seen a standing ovation given for a number proceeding intermission. Several members stood in appreciation of the  “Be our Guest ,” number. As for me, I caught myself smiling throughout the show. Of course, one laughs at plays but tit is unusual to sit transfixed with a smile,  pure joy radiating as I watched the show. It was a great feeling of happiness to be back at the theatre enjoying a spectacular musical. Does it get any better?

Jerald Vincent as Cogsworth and Michael Paternostro as Lumiere – photo by Ken Jacques

The Tale is as old as time, and here Belle makes a strong heroine for today’s girls. Unwilling to settle for something she doesn’t want, she is willing to stand up for someone she loves, and looks within the beast to find the person she can love which is true romance.

Jenna Lea Rosen, captures our hearts as Belle. Michael Deni, masters the Beast. Evan White, plays the villain everyone one loves to hate. White is so over the top he almost steals the show. Michael Paternostro, shines as Lumiere . Jerald Vincent, makes a wonderful Cogsworth. Bets Malone, plays Mrs. Potts, Johnny Fletcher, plays Maurice. Mikayla Aggrella. wows as Babette. Bryce Hamilton , plays Madame de la Grande Bouche, Abraham German takes on cute little Chip. And Jordan Mazzocato plays a mean Monsieur D”Arque. And where would we be without the ensemble in those big splashy numbers?

Bets Malone as Mrs. Potts and Michael Deni as The
Beast- photo by Ken

Computerized 3d backdrops really enhance the setting. The costumes sparkled and shone,  while the music and singing were perfect. The special effects gave pause. A special thanks goes to Vertigo, for the flying moment.  How did they do that? And thanks to Stanley D.Cohen, for managing everything, and keeping the show running smoothly.

My two favorite numbers were  the “Gaston,” song and tankard number with an impressive choreography, and best chance to ogle Gaston’s muscles, an added bonus. Secondly, “Beauty and the Beast,” sung by Bets Malone, as Belle and The Beast Waltz. This was romance at it’s finest with Belle in her signature golden dress and The Beast in his blue tux.

Evan White –
Gaston Flexing muscles for admirers – photo by Ken Jacques

This show is truly meant for all. From the sixtyish man next to me who obviously enjoyed himself immensely, to the nine year old girl I heard on the way out saying this was a really good show. If you think you will enjoy it, you will. This is not to be missed after such a dry spell of Covid. It’s time to get out and enjoy yourself.

Gaston and Company – Evan White – Photo by Ken Jacques
Beauty and The Beast cast – photo by Ken Jacques


Beauty and The Beast

July 21 thru August 7, 2021

Moonlight Amphitheater Vista

phone at (760) 724-2110.

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