Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar – Brunch, Like Las Vegas, is Back!

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Las Vegas is back and in a big way. Everything you have come to expect in Las Vegas is back and trying to choose what to do, where to go and what to eat, well the options can be a little overwhelming. While some things have changed, a magnificent constant is Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar located inside the glorious Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa.

Chicken & Waffles (Courtesy Hearthstone)

Hearthstone is home to some of the best food in Las Vegas and if you limit yourself to the strip. well you don’t know what you are missing. A bad meal can not be had here and the fact that they can go from world-class pizza to some of the freshest seafood in Las Vegas, it is a culinary masterpiece. If you needed a little bit more to entice you, this is one of the most beautiful restaurants that has a comfy feel to it and a staff that is as good as you will find anywhere.

Liquid Brunch (Courtesy Hearthstone)

A weekend in Las Vegas, well that is a must on anyone’s bucket list no matter where you are from and that leads us to a possibly hungover Sunday morning and deciding how to kickoff your day. When it comes to brunch there are plenty of options, but if you want a decadent experience that you can enjoy even if you had a bad night at the poker table, Hearthstone is for you. If you walk in on the weekend you can’t help but notice pretty much every table is indulging in the bottomless mimosas and for the price of $18.00, well enough said. Don’t limit yourself to just that amazing option, a round of “Birthday Cake” shots is a must and the cocktail list is long and tasty including an espresso martini, with fresh brewed espresso.

El Mojito

Hearthstone offers plenty of the brunch staples such as: eggs benedict, a monstorous breakfast burrito, a beautiful burger that topped with an egg screams brunch and from there you can get a bit more adventerous. The New England lobster roll is prepared with more lobster you than you are prepared for and you also can never go wrong with their version of chicken & waffles that is served with a very tasty bourbon maple syrup. If you have never tried a pizza at Hearthstone, it is not an exaggaration to say it is tough to find a better pie in Las Vegas and while they do have a breakfast pizza, the meatball or the truffle mushroom are the two best choices you could make. If you are feeling a bit kid like and with that being said if you have the kids, bring them, this is a very family friendly brunch spot and everyone will love the warm cinnamon sticky bun with cream cheese frosting. And yes, it is as good as it sounds.

Everything Breakfast (Courtesy Hearthstone)

While brunch is amazing, the great thing about Hearthstone is they have a deal for pretty much every day of the week. Half-price bottles of wine on Monday, happy hour 4-6 p.m. Monday through Friday and $1 oysters on Wednesday. That is only a partial list of what they have going on. You just might take up permanent residence and throw in televisions at every angle, needless to say when football season is here if can’t make it to see the Raiders in the person, Hearthstone is the place to be.

Beautiful Oysters (Courtesy Hearthstone)

If you are visiting Las Vegas don’t sleep on the Red Rock Casino and with that Hearthstone. A nice relaxing ride is well worth it to visit Summerlin and see that there is more to Las Vegas than what you are led to believe. Once you walk through the doors of Hearthstone, you will be hooked. Everything about Hearthstone will make you have a unique and special experience from the breathtaking restaurant itself to the staff and especially the food. Brunch is a great reason to visit, but any day of the week will leave you with a memorable experience at Hearthstone.

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