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When it comes to your health, teeth seem to be one of the last things that people worry about. Unless it is a serious issue, people tend to thing everything is fine and when there is an issue, cost can be a deterrent. While the dentist office can offer different mouth pieces to help maintain healthy and straight teeth, but they usually are very pricey. Sporting Smiles has made purchasing these items not only very affordable, but easy and you don’t have to leave your home.

Top and bottom retainers

Braces alone are one of the most expensive things that you can have put on your teeth. To make sure that money was well spent, a retainer is a must. But needless to say that at some point you are likely to need a replacement. Sporting Smiles can provide a replacement retainer at a savings of 50% or more compared to your dentist.

In addition to saving money, the other wonderful part of Sporting Smiles is that it is so easy to do and you also get to avoid the office visit that most of us dread. There is nothing quite as simple or as safe as completing the process in your own home. Sporting Smiles sends you an impression kit for whatever product you are needing and the entire process takes minutes and is very easy to complete and it comes of course with instructions and there is a video online it you are unsure of what you are doing.

The kit that you are provided with has an impression tray that you can adjust to fit your mouth and to go with the tray, you are provided two sets of putty to make the impression. You simply combine the putty together, roll it out and then place it in the tray. From there you place it on your upper and then lower teeth and make an impression in the putty. To make that you have a good impression, you should images to Sporting Smiles and they will verify if they look good. You are provided a second set, so if you have problems, you can give it another try. From there you simply send it back to Sporting Smiles in the box they provide and they will begin creating your mouthpiece and you will have it sent back to you in short order.

The true test is once your receive your retainer, mouth guard or night guard, which takes about one to two weeks. You want a perfect fit regardless of which product you need and speaking from my personal experience, a perfect fit was was I received. The product that I ordered was a night guard for grinding my teeth and from previous experiences, I often found the night guard either uncomfortable, or with some it would simply fall out during the night. The Sporting Smiles night guard fits snug and is barely noticeable as you are falling asleep. In addition the fit is so flawless that is has never fallen out and has not bothered me once during my sleep. There really isn’t much as you can ask for and if you are having an issue, Sporting Smiles has a 30 Day Warranty to make sure you are happy and whatever your ordered is doing exactly what you need it to. In addition if you are looking for a mouth guard for sports, Sporting Smiles has one for every sport and can also customize the color.

Custom Neon Soccer Mouth Guard

There is no question that sometimes in life, things are simply expensive and you are at the will of an expert and they can charge as they please. That was the case with retainers and mouth guards in the past and people often went without because it was cost prohibitive. That is no longer the case. Not only does Sporting Smiles do all of this at a very affordable, they do it in expert fashion and your teeth will thank as will your pocketbook.

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