Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos – Redefining What a Vacation is Meant to Be

Blanc Fire at Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos (Courtesy Le Blanc)
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Los Cabos continues to grow, and the resort selection gets bigger and more impressive by the day and for good reason. When it comes to vacation destinations, Cabo is, year-round, always one of the most popular tourist spots in the world. Trying to stick out in such a large pool can be difficult – that is unless you are Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos. Since their inception in 2018, Le Blanc has set the standard in resorts and made everyone else in Cabo try to catch them, and no one has yet.

Walking into Le Blanc (Photo Courtesy Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos)

Le Blanc is one of those properties where, as soon as you walk through the front door, you feel as if you are walking into heaven. You have to take a deep breath as opening to the ocean just pulls you in, and then throughout your trip you realize that the breathtaking moments never seem to stop. You are going to find Le Blanc highly rated on most travel rating websites, not just for Los Cabos, but for the world and there are so many reasons why. While travel due to COVID-19 has slowed down, Los Cabos has taken a number of measures to ensure the safety of travelers and Le Blanc has followed suit. They have ensured not only will you have the best vacation of your life, but you will also feel completely safe throughout your trip.

Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos

Cabo and all-inclusive have become synonymous, but there is all-inclusive and then there is Le Blanc all-inclusive. The point of the all-inclusive is to take the thought process out of the experience. You want a vacation where you are simply there to relax and the best of the best is at your beck and call. While you can find all-inclusives all over Cabo, you are not going to find the quality across the board that you will find at Le Blanc. It is not a stretch to say that one night you will have what will be the best meal of your trip, only to have the next dining experience top that one.

Infinity Pool (Le Blanc Spa Resort Los Cabos)

When it comes to dining and a memorable evening, you have to begin with the resort’s signature restaurant, Lumiere. This restaurant is simply one of the finest in all of Los Cabos, so the fact that it is part of their all-inclusive package is just mind boggling. Chef Alvaro Zepeda has created a unique and wonderfully flavorful menu that will make it tough for you to decide what to eat. The “must try” dish is the chef’s favorite, the bourguignon, referred to as beef stew as well, but do not let that reference fool you: this is anything but your mom’s beef stew. This elegant dish is centered around the beef that is slow cooked for 24 hours, making to so tender it falls apart at the touch of a fork. The layers of richness are evident in every bite, and will make you forget every other version of beef you have ever experienced. If you are looking for something else they do have a fresh fish of the day, depending on what the ocean has to offer, as well as the hard to pass up duck and cherry wine sauce. This is one menu where you truly can’t go wrong with anything, however the other “must try” is the bouillabaisse. This lobster soup has a broth that is worth trying all by itself, but then you add in just a plethora of seafood, and it is almost an entree by itself. From the flawless service to the cocktail menu that offers up specialties such as the “Moulin Rouge,” which gives you a blackberry liqueur, orange bitters and bourbon, you simply will likely need to visit Lumiere twice during your visit to take it all in.

The bourguignon presentation and tender interior

The best restaurant at any all-inclusive is usually a great experience, but what separates Le Blanc is that every other restaurant is probably on par with other resorts “best”. Le Blanc has a restaurant for every palette, and a week might not be long enough to experience all of the food they have to offer. For unique in every possible way, next on your list would have to be Mezze, the only Lebanese restaurant in Los Cabos. If you have a group, this is a great place to share in what is a seemingly endless lineup of appetizers. This is a great venue to experience dishes you might have never tried before, such as grape leaves stuffed with lamb and rice, Lebanese burrata and the ftoyers, that are lamb, spinach and cheese in a little pastry – just a wonderfully flavorful bite. The entrees also are simply spectacular: short rib shawarma, slowly braised for 48 hours; duck; and grilled lamb. And then, whether you are a coffee drinker or not, finish your meal off with the Turkish coffee. The best coffee you will have ever tried, and it’s served in the most unique way. There is a heated pan of sand and the coffee is curated in the sand creating a rich and strong flavor that is as good as coffee gets.

Poolside Cocktails

Le Blanc also offers: Blanc International, Italia, Asia, Pizza, Ocean and Cafe. You truly can’t go wrong with any of these restaurants and who would not want to start their morning with some fresh roasted coffee and French pastries and sweets that are so beautifully designed you won’t know whether to eat them or pose with them for a picture. Another aspect that separates Le Blanc from other all-inclusive resorts is the very high-end mixology program. Not only are you going to find great bars, but even at the pool you will find cocktail menus that will impress you, and the bartenders simply get creative if you give them an idea of what you are looking for. The bars, much like the restaurants, are plentiful on the property. You can choose from: BLANC Stage, BLANC Lobby, BLANC Sol, BLANC Eclipse and BLANC Fire, featuring live music, hand crafted cocktails over an incredible fire pit, with picturesque views of the ocean.

Poolside Paradise

The rooms and suites are as beautiful as the rest of the property, with wonderful subtle colorings of white and an ocean vibe, while the ocean breeze and view hit you as soon as you open your door. The suites at Le Blanc all feature ocean views and range from 760 to 1,400 square feet, and and have plush furnishings that will cause you to sleep in an extra hour or two. Le Blanc has butler service, and if you are looking to truly feel spoiled, this will do it. They are on call 24 hours, and whatever you are looking to do, they will set up it up for you. Finally if you are leaving for the day and want a warm bath ready for you upon return, let your butler know and when you come back to your room you will have a glorious hot bath experience waiting for you, as well as aromatherapy to enhance the setting. The suites are stocked with mini-bars featuring top-shelf spirits, including Le Blanc’s own tequila, and snacks, high definition flat screen SMART TV’s. In addition, you have complimentary Wi-Fi and they also have free phone calls to the United States. There is not much left to do after that, except fall asleep on your pillow of choice and try to guess which is more comfortable, the goose down pillows or the bed that seems to engulf you in plushness. While Le Blanc has so much to offer, the rooms are so perfectly designed with what have must been the thought of never having to leave your room, you just might want to do that. Le Blanc also has an app that allows you to put in your room service orders with little effort and, like the rest of the food at Le Blanc, you will not be disappointed.

Room view

The pool setting fits with the rest of the hotel: simply perfection. The four pools seamlessly roll into the landscape of the ocean and the infinity pool finishes off the touch, as it is on the edge of the beach, allowing you to enjoy the ocean breeze and waves just feet away. As is with the rest of your Le Blanc experience, the pool experience will spoil you. From being taken to your lounge chair and having your day set up to the wide array of unique cocktails that can be made at every bar to the amazing food that is brought to you poolside, you will not find a better pool experience in all of Cabo. Since the pool is by far the most popular place to be, you can expect daily special poolside food from tacos, to ice cream as well as a specialty cocktail cart with fresh ingredients to make some over-the-top fun and tasty drinks.

Amazing Service that is Safe

If you need a little more relaxation in your vacation, the LeBlanc Spa has over 29,000 square feet to make sure you have the spa experience you truly need. You can experience: a hydrotherapy area, hot and cold plunge pools, sauna, herbal steam room, chromo therapy, ice room, relaxation lounge and 25 treatment rooms that offer a full menu of exotic and invigorating spa treatments. In addition to all of that, the spa also has a beauty salon, boutique, and state-of-the-art fitness center with personal trainers on hand. The fitness center offers an assortment of fitness classes daily, including paddleboard yoga and cycling in the pool, and, if you are really into fitness, the fitness center has everything you could want for a great workout, this is a world-class gym with equipment that you probably have never seen or used before to make sure you get the best workout possible. A massage or facial are simply a must on vacation, but if you are looking for a daily treatment, the hydrotherapy is a complimentary service at Le Blanc. This is an entire process that has been perfected by Le Blanc, and it begins with a session in the sauna. Then you move over to a shower to experience a light misting and a full-body shower, leading up to a detoxifying session in the night-like starlit steam room. From there you will shiver, but you will learn to love the ice room to snap your pores shut and then an immersion in the hydrotherapy pools with hot, cold, and pressure therapy, just changing up to your liking. This entire process stimulates and relaxes your body and you will leave feeling completely refreshed each time, and much like everything else at Le Blanc, this is a first-class experience. You are treated to one of the staff catering to you throughout the experience. There is no better way to start your day.

There are vacations, then there is Le Blanc. The true testament to how incredible this resort is, well you simply have to take the word of other guests. While there is usually something to complain about or you will find someone who has an unpleasant experience in some way, Le Blanc is the one vacation destination I literally did not hear a single negative word about, and that is not an exaggeration. The one consensus of guests is that Le Blanc is a truly memorable experience, and that the only thing they begin thinking about as their vacation winds down is when is the next time they can come back. There are few guarantees in life, but one thing is certain, Le Blanc will offer you the vacation that you need in order to forget about 2020.

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