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The delicacies of repairing a car and brewing a beer might seem completely different, but they both take a deft hand. Garage Brewing Co. began literally in an eight bay garage and all of the delicacies that go into repairing a car have been taken and put into what is simply one of the most refined and flawless beer lineups in the United States.

Garage Brewing Co. owner Lou Kashmere began with beer and pizza at his former garage on Old Town Street in Temecula and reached success quickly in 2013 with with his simply philosophy of making great products. When it comes to beer, Lou takes every step possible to make sure every can and label and beer is as close to perfect as possible. That includes freshness. Unlike any other beer, you are going to find the date of the beer right on each can. While most of us love an ice cold beer, to truly appreciate one, you need it fresh. With most beers, trying to figure out how old it is can be a challenge. With Garage Brewing, you not only can see the date, but you are likely to never even find an old beer on any shelf, they are that meticulous.

Garage Brewing quickly outgrew the Temecula location and had to add on a much bigger production facility in Murietta to keep up with demand. This is where it all starts. From changing the components of the water to suit each beer individually to a very scientific method that takes all of the guess work out of each beer and that is only the beginning. Garage Brewing has their own kegs so not only do you get a keg they will give you perfect beer, they individually wash each keg to make sure the contents are fresh and up to their standards. I hate to compare breweries, but if I was giving a class on how I think a brewery should be built from the ground up and then process beer, it would begin and end with Garage Brewing.

At the end of the day, all of what goes into a beer is great, but what you, the consumer will remember is the taste. Garage Brewing certainly will not let you down. From the highest quality ingredients, to freshness and always innovating flavors, they do it right.

Garage Brewing has six year-round styles and a number of always changing beers as they are always innovating and creating. When it comes to stouts, Garage is a brewery that has some of the best ingredients and flavors around. The Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout is as good as it gets when comparing to the other peanut butter stouts on the market. The first drink that peanut butter flavor really hits you and there is no doubting what you are tasting. Then the truly unique beer to Garage is the Marshmallow Stout, I have yet to see this variation and again, the marshmallow really shines through with each drink. In addition to their regular stouts, Garage has a number of barrel aged varieties to choose from.

The simply must try beer from Garage is the Hazy IPA. This just has a wealth of high quality ingredients and brings across that lovely floral essence and at the same time giving you a strong hoppy flavor throughout while still being light and refreshing. This has everything you could possibly want in a hazy IPA. From there just see what is new and give it a taste as this is one of the few breweries that you truly can’t go wrong with whatever you choose.

If you are going to open a can of beer or go out for a draft beer at any drinking establishment, you want that beer to be memorable. When it comes to putting that fresh and memorable beer in your hand, there are few that do it quite like Garage Brewing Co.

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