How to Feel Better in Today’s Troubled World

Reading to feel better, Photo:Bogdan Che
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In my perfect dream world I would win a couple hundred million dollars in the lotto then rent a Gulfstream 550 and fly myself and my family to Stockholm, Sweden and remain there until the United States of America regained her senses.  But since I realize that the likelihood of that happening is about that same as Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi getting along with each other, I have been compelled to consider other options.  


Then it hit me.  Right now is the perfect time to enjoy a few good books.  The time spent reading is time away from the nonstop stress being reported on TV and radio news and in newspapers and magazines.  We can give our beleaguered brains a break and fill our minds with a wide range of knowledge and imagination.  And reading does not demand “social distancing” nor wearing a mask.

But where do we get some good books?  Well, many of us do have a fairly decent personal library, but then again maybe now is the time for something new, something to further expand one’s home library.  There are many options, but please allow me a moment to make one suggestion.  

Check out this website:  I confess this is my online bookstore and while it does offer a wide variety of great reads it does come up way short of Barnes and Noble.  That said it does also offer something Barnes and Noble never has and likely never will offer.  You see when you buy any book from this web bookstore 20% of the net proceeds goes to help physically and/or mentally wounded American military veterans.  So you can get one or more great reads and at the same time truly help out veterans  This is really so much better than just saying “Thank you for your service” don’t you think?  

Dying for Living

Many of the books you can find at this online bookstore were written by me, Ron Irwin.  But several are from other authors.  Here are just a few of my personal favorites.  

A note to Ron

“Dying For Living” by Patrick Kilpatrick that is actor, producer, director and anti-Hollywood Hollywood man Patrick Kilpatrick  deemed “One of the greatest actors of any generation” by Ron Perlman.  

One of my very favorite books written by me is “One and a Half Pinoy.”  It is pure fiction with a dynamite story involving two young and very talented people, one an accomplished actress but not yet on Hollywood’s “A” list and a young man a couple of years younger with a star level singing voice.  The boy lives with his single mom and the young lady with her windowed father.  They become true friends and their performing  careers are beginning to skyrocket when a massive disaster strikes severely threatening the future of the young man and his mother.  The ultimate resolution is both fascinating and is also based on a little known real American law. 

One and a Half Pinoy

Another great book that will resonate in our current world is “Last Call America” by Debra Tash.  The government of America has collapsed and somehow the governing power has shifted to the Department of Homeland Security.  Could anything even remotely like this ever happen in our great nation?  You decide but this is a thoroughly enjoyable the read. 

Live Die Live

My all time favorite non-fiction book written by little ol’ me is “Live Die Live Again.”  It is autobiographical  but it ultimately focuses on December 18th 2012 at about 5:30 p.m.  I had been working at my desk, the very desk where I am writing this little piece, when I stood up and turned around and all at once I could not breathe. There I was 800 feet above sea level drowning in my own fluid and rapidly going dark.  I began to fall face forward towards the floor when I had just enough presence to dial 9 1 1.  As the phone and I both hit the floor I heard a voice say:  “9 1 1 What’s your emergency?”  I couldn’t answer I was totally out.  I spent the next 26 days in St. Joseph’s hospital in Burbank, California.  Many of those days I was in a coma.  Gradually I regained consciousness.  Then I had to relearn the basics such as speaking and walking. The Ron who emerged from that experience was a whole new and more loving Ron.  But shortly after leaving the hospital I was handed another big stink bomb when I was diagnosed with advanced stage prostate cancer.  The lessons I learned from this are now more than ever extremely important for all of us;  Those lessons are NEVER EVER QUIT, LOVE and BE LOVED?

Last Call America

So do take a few minutes and check out  I know you will find at least one book and likely several that you will enjoy.  And do remember that when you do buy a book there you will also be helping American military veterans.  They call this a win win situation.  

Photos: Courtesy of Ron Irwin


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