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SANJINI is an avid proponent of fitness, sports, health, beauty and good nutrition.


Working out at the gym five to six days a week is what I love to do! When I miss a day of working out, I feel like I missed out on some fun!


Most weight lifters or athletes always need an energy drink or pre-work out boost which are usually not so healthy such as Red Bull. Eating spinach is a natural energy booster just like Popeye did to give him power and strength.

I don’t have a specific plan or routine when I work out. I spontaneously choose a weight machine that catches my eye at that moment. On some days, I’ll look in the mirror and know that I need to focus more on my butt or legs or abs.

I like to work out alone. I find it difficult to work with a trainer or a partner even though I know some of the top athletes in the world including men on covers of fitness magazines and football players. I am also not like most women – I do not enjoy taking group classes because I have little patience to follow a teacher and don’t like being told what to do for an hour or two. I like freedom to do my own thing. So I don’t take aerobics, spinning, fitness dance classes, etc. I prefer to work out where the men work out!


Because I have natural curves, I work out to “shape” my body more than for power or increasing strength. I used to lift heavy weights (600 lbs leg press, 500 lbs hack squat), but now I lift weights to tone my body and maintain my curves at the same time.

I mostly use the weight machines and some free weights. I focus on mostly the lower body – legs, butt, abs! That is where most women carry fat but yet I see women mostly focus on working out their upper bodies. The same is true with men. Weight machines and free weights help to trim, cut the fat and tone the body much faster, along with some cardio  – more than any group exercise class or circuit training.

The best exercise in the world is doing SQUATS!!! It works the butt, legs, upper thighs, hips, lower backwaist, abs and works the core or chi energy. I usually will do three or four sets of squats (10 reps) and then I will follow that with doing lunges (two or three with each leg – set of 10 reps each).

With each rep, I always breathe in and out. It is so important to breathe when you exercise and train with weights.

For the legs, I like the leg press and leg curl machines. I also like working the inner and outer thighs. Doing calf exercises are important too.


For the butt, use every weight machine you can find – the butt blaster is one of the best!

Of course, you should always do ABS, ABS, ABS!!! You can never do enough of them! You should work the abs almost every day – doing dozens of sit ups and anything that trims the waist and lower back.


With some weight machines or dumb bells, I will use heavier weights and less repetitions (ten) and with others, I will use lighter weights and more repetitions (20-50) depending on which part of my body I am working on.

Besides the gym, I love martial arts! The style I have my foundation in is in Shaolin Kempo which is a Chinese form of martial arts that focuses on different strikes, defensive maneuvers, take downs, etc. I like it because it is both an art and a sport. There are five animals in this system – tiger, leopard, snake, crane and dragon. I received my black belt at the Shaolin Temple in China and trained with the Shaolin Monks. The Shaolin Monks will act in my next movie – a modern day action/adventure film about the Monks set at the Shaolin Temple and Shanghai. Currently I train in Shaolin Kung Fu with the Shaolin Monks and will be testing for my brown belt soon.


I keep everything balanced – I eat a lot, sleep a lot (8 hours) and exercise a lot to keep myself balanced and healthy.

Working out at the gym, martial arts, some boxing, yoga, meditation and self-reiki helps keep me balanced.


I have been a vegetarian all my life although I did eat a bit of meat when I was younger. In college, that it was not what I enjoyed eating. I have also weighed the same most of my life – 92 – 97 lbs. The biggest animals in the world are vegetarian – elephants, giraffes, hippos, bulls, cows, buffalo, wildebeest, gorillas, ostrich, rhinos, etc. Dinosaurs were vegetarian too.


I basically eat whatever I like which means it’s what my body needs at the time. I “listen” to my body. I usually eat savory foods with salt and lots of spices. Yes, sometimes I do eat French fries and pizza but it’s not what I enjoy eating every day.

I really don’t understand why salt, wheat (gluten), butter (dairy products) and everything that naturally grows on this Earth is so bad? A balance of everything is important! I don’t understand why people will cut out all fat or all carbohydrates out of their diet when your body needs every food group – carbohydrates, starches, glucose, fat, proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc.

I also eat natural foods. I don’t consume vitamin pills or tablets, supplements or any artificial additives. If you want extra vitamin C then eat more oranges! Everything is naturally in the foods we eat – fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, grains, herbs, spices, etc. I also don’t take over-the-counter pills such as aspirin, tylenol, etc. I don’t get migraines or any aches. People keep popping these pills in their mouths when the reason for their pain is that they probably haven’t slept well, eaten well or exercised.


I also don’t like artificial condiments such as mayonnaise, salad dressings, spaghetti sauces, etc. They are filled with junk and lots of corn syrup. I avoid foods with corn syrup. I am not a fan of sweets and sugar.  For example, I will make my own salad dressing with olive oil, lemon or lime, salt, pepper and fresh herbs (fresh dill, basil, others), etc.

Butter and cheese are good for you! I don’t understand why people will not eat butter or cheese but will fill their sandwiches or food with other unhealthy condiments such as ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressings and mustard.

I like to eat a “colorful” plate of food – that has different colors and varieties of food. All the nutrition is in every vegetable, fruits, lentils, beans, grains, nuts, dairy products (cheese, butter, yoghurt), eggs, pasta, breads and if you eat meat then fish, seafood, chicken, turkey, etc.


Make a point of eating or trying every vegetable out there – beetroots, broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, mushrooms, potatoes, kale, lettuce, spinach, yellow squash, zucchini, green beans, radicchio, endives, leeks, etc. Flavor the vegetables just as much as you do with your meat or seafood – with olive oil, herbs, spices, salt, etc. When I go grocery shopping I start in the produce or vegetable section first. I like fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables second and I hardly buy or eat canned food.


The less ingredients a product of food contains the better. You should be able understand the basic Ingredients listed on the box. For example, biscuits or cookies should have a few basic ingredients such as flour, butter, sugar, salt, milk, baking soda, vanilla and eggs. But why should they have a list of 20 to 50 ingredients?

I eat several times a day – quick small meals. I am constantly eating! I have a quick metabolism so when I have not eaten in a while, my blood sugar level lowers and I get angry or frustrated easily.

Also, I love very black, hot tea! Green tea is also good. Tea has natural anti-oxidants and is a very good way to start your day. I take a long time sipping my tea in the mornings. Drinking and sipping tea is a ritual in many cultures – China, Japan, England, India, many African countries, etc. When I drink tea – it’s a form of “meditation” for me. It helps to keep me relaxed, focused, gives me clarity and prepares me for my busy day. It’s also when I get many insights and inspirations on how to solve a problem. Read the book, “Mediations with Tea” by Diana Rosen.


Beauty is health and health is beauty. Many women do too much and spend too much to achieve beauty. The less you do and the more natural you look, the more beautiful you look. Maintaining your health is the key to beauty.


For my eyebrows, I do not get them plucked. I like my eyebrows looking thick, wild, untame and powerful to match my personality. What is the point of plucking your eyebrows so much that they become so thin and then later resorting to drawing in a pencil eyebrow or tattooing your eyebrows when you were born with beautiful natural eyebrows?

For my hair, I keep it moisturized using a moisturizing conditioner. I also use baby shampoo. Hair dyes unless you are graying are not necessary. I do not use hairdryers because they dry out the hair. I let my hair dry naturally. I do not use mousse, gels, hair sprays as they damage the hair. Beautiful hair is keeping it natural and healthy. I do not go to hair salons. I do not use fake hair extensions and fake eyelashes.

For my nails, I do not get pedicures and manicures. They damage the nails by using acrylic and I also do not like fake looking nails. I cut my own nails and I keep them looking natural and healthy.

For the skin I keep the body moisturized with cocoa butter lotion after I take a shower. I do not go to spas for facials and I do not use any face masks, toners, gels, etc. The only crème I use for my face is a very high concentration of Colonial Dames vitamin E crème with no scent. I use this after I shower in the mornings and before I go to sleep at night. For the lips, I keep them  moisturized with Vaseline or lip balm.

With regards to plastic surgery and botox, in most cases it makes people look so bizarre and not natural looking. Botox lips tend to make women look so unnatural and also older looking. Most women do not have unattractive lips. This is the number one thing that makes women look old, bizarre, unnatural and not beautiful. If you need to get any other plastic surgery that is up to you but if you are already young and beautiful embrace your natural beauty.

Having good personal hygiene is important. Taking showers, washing hands and keeping the finger and toe nails clean is important. Keep your feet clean. Brushing and flossing the teeth is important. Washing with soap and shaving is important for me to feel clean.

Smelling good is also important. I like to use perfumes, lotions, soap and natural oils with beautiful scents. Be in touch with all your five senses when it comes to beauty, nutrition, health and fitness – visual, smell, touch, hearing and taste. Keep all the senses stimulated as well as your sixth sense.

There is NO fast track or short cut to losing weight or being healthy – eating healthy foods, exercising, sleeping eight hours, getting enough sunshine and a healthy, safe sex life (use condoms, spermicides, nonoxynol 9, VCF strips, water based lubricants – NO petroleum or oil based lubricants)  is also important! Don’t fill your body with junk, smoke, drugs, etc.  If you drink alcohol then drink in moderation. Your body is your temple – honor it!

BALANCE! Balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle.


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    Sanjini Bhakta is a writer, film producer and actress. She was born in Zimbabwe, Africa where she won many literary Eisteddfods and then went to Colleges in Oklahoma, California and Texas. She received her B.A. in History from University of Texas at Austin and her M.A in Speech Communications from Texas State University.

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Sanjini Bhakta is a writer, film producer and actress. She was born in Zimbabwe, Africa where she won many literary Eisteddfods and then went to Colleges in Oklahoma, California and Texas. She received her B.A. in History from University of Texas at Austin and her M.A in Speech Communications from Texas State University.

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