Tower 12 Hermosa Beach – Perfectly the Beach

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The breeze and the waves coming off of Hermosa Beach are more than enough to let you know where you are. You don’t need much else to complete your day, but a visit to Tower 12 will top off your Hermosa Beach experience in perfect fashion.

Brekkie pizza

Tower 12 has a menu that is wide-ranging and unique and the two things that you have plenty of options to choose from are the wood-fired pizza and the Tower 12 burgers. You really can’t go wrong going down either of those paths, there are plenty of other great choices. The 12 hour braised short rib is fall apart goodness and being on the ocean, the organic salmon and pan-seared halibut are both wonderful seafood options.

Pan-seared Halibut

The social bowls are aptly named as they are giant cocktails that can be enjoyed by the entire table. You can choose from the margarita, the Moscow mule or the “Living the Dreamsicle”, which lives up to its name and will take you back to your childhood in a very adult way. Tower 12 also has a lengthy and local tap beer list that has a little bit of everything. They recently had on tap: Stone, Green Flash, Smog City, Alesmith and Modern Times just to name a few.

The beach might not scream football, but Tower 12 does. You will be hard pressed to find a better football brunch venue in all of Hermosa Beach and to add to all of the seemingly endless great qualities of Tower 12, you can add what seems like endless televisions to the list of things that will keep you coming back.

Whipped maple stuffed French toast

Don’t walk up the stairs of Tower 12 and expect the typical brunch menu, they seemingly put a tasty twist to everything you have come to know and love about the weekend brunch. You have to begin with the Brekkie pizza, a classic thin crust that is topped with bacon, mozzarella and sun-dried tomato and then it is finished off with two perfectly fried eggs. This is simply the perfect breakfast pizza with plenty of toppings in every bite. If you love what is going on with cauliflower, you are really going to love the cauliflower tempura that Tower 12 created. A wonderfully light and crunchy batter that brings you a healthier version of an appetizer that is paired beautifully a greek yogurt dipping sauce. Finally if you are looking for that over-the-top dish, nothing quite does the trick like the whipped maple stuffed French toast. This picture perfect dish has a number of things to love about it beginning with the addicting whipped maple cream chesse that is stuffed inside bread that is magically coated in cornflakes. It is so good you could pass on the syrup, but their maple syrup is so good it just makes the French toast even more amazing. For something lighter you can go with the egg white and asparagus omelette and if you are into the chicken sandwich craze, the fried chicken sandwich from Tower 12 can compete with any version that you try.

Basic Bitch

A day at the beach is usually memorable and one that you don’t want to end. If you are looking to add to an already memorable experience during your next visit to Hermosa Beach make sure to add Tower 12 to your list of things you must do. Just be careful you might wind up losing yourself in the Tower 12 experience and forget about Hermosa Beach. Don’t worry, simply add a cocktail to go with a perfect Tower 12 view and you can finish your day with the best of both worlds.

Tempura Cauliflower

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