Noises Off Review – Enjoying Mayhem

Cast - photo by Ken Jacques
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By Kathy Carpenter
photo by Ken Jacques
Lamb’s Players Theater presents Michael Frayn’s Noises Off. One way to get away from your chaotic life is to escape into someone else’s. Leave your world behind and enjoy the stellar work of the cast and crew of Lamb’s players. Always a class act.
Deborah Gilmour Synth and Brian MacKay – photo by Ken Jacques
Frsncic Gercke, Deborah Gilmour Smyth , Jim Chovick and Jessica John – photo by Ken Jacques

Personally I don’t know how the cast does this one. I’t a play within a play, which also shows backstage. It’s as if each cast member has three parts to learn. One for each act. Act one is Grand Theatre , Weston-super-Mare, February, 1976. The living room of the Brent’s English country home. Act Two is The Royal, Aston-under-Lyne -one month later. This scene is set backstage of the Brent;s home. Act Three – Muinicpal Theatre, Stockton-on-Tees- two months later. For this act we return to the Front of the Brent’s home. There are two intermissions in this show.

Deborah Gilmour Smyth , Ross Hellwig,Francis Gercke and Omri Schein – photo byh Ken Jacques
One of the difficulties for putting this show on was the massive one piece stage set that needed to be able to turn 360 degrees. Kudos to Mike Buckley who mastered the task. And to the crew who handles the piece. It’s quite a work of art, and there would be no play without it.
This is a British Bedroom farce, with plenty of doors and actors running around half dressed. Love American style funny.
Most of cast – photo by Ken Jacques

You’ve got to love Deborah Gilmour Smyth as Dotty, the kooky housekeeper. Omri Schein may have had the smallest role in the show, but he was perfect. Francis Gercke. plays the director of the play within the play, and was a natural. Jim Chovick is Lamb’s resident old timer,always adding the grandfatherly touch, Cynthia Gerber as past resident is now an Associate artist, such a talent. So versatile. Ross Hellwig, played the heck out of Frederick, the home owner. His wife was played by Jessica John. The last one you would expect to be the sane one holding everyone together. She was terrific Brian Mackey plays the wild Gary, Another impressive artist. Rounding out the cast we had Charlene Wilkinson as Brooke, the gal Gary was trying to sleep with. Robert Symth is the director behind this one. The cast pulls together this creative mayhem with aplomb.

photo by Ken Jacques
If you are coming to a show at Lambs you are going to get your money;’s worth.
Ross Hellwig and Francis Gercke in foreground – photo byu Ken Jacques
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– May 20, 2018


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