El Dorado Cantina Las Vegas Review – Third Anniversary Party Delicious

El Dorado Mexican Restaurant, located just minutes from the strip, celebrated it's third anniversary with invited guests, a live marachi band, passed taquitos, and Tequila Patron and Ultimat Vodka

A live Mariachi Band serenaded us Photo by Dianne Davis
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We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate “Tres Anos” at El Dorado Cantina. It’s been three years since this unique Mexican Restaurant opened in Las Vegas, just minutes from the Las Vegas strip.

The El Dorado is just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip  Photo by Burt Davis

My husband Burt and I had eaten there previously, so we knew we would enjoy attending the anniversary celebration. The restaurant is located adjacent to the Sapphire Gentleman’s Club,  but don’t let the location dissuade you from visiting and enjoying this high quality upscale eatery.

The 181 seat restaurant, created by Brett Talla and Darin Feinstein, features flavorful food and continues to draw repeat customers for more reasons than just that one.


When you walk in, you are transported by the authentic Mexican décor. No mistaking what this place is all about. Photo courtesy El Dorado

El Dorado Cantina believes in sustainably raised products, which means all beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, and fish originate from carefully selected farms in the U.S. and are free from antibiotics, pesticides, and steroids.  Their menu features a multitude of Vegan and gluten free items — unusual for a Mexican restaurant.


Photo by Burt Davis

It was honored by Yelp as one of the top 100 restaurants in the US in 2016 and ranked it the top Mexican Restaurant in Las Vegas. That’s pretty impressive for a restaurant which is celebrating three years of delicious healthy Mexican food.

A live Mariachi Band serenaded us Photo by Dianne Davis

We visited with Chef Paco who shared his philosophy and the nature of the food he prepares. He told us that the restaurant serves authentic Mexican food that is non-GMO and organic. Chef Paco takes prides in using vegetables, meats and fish that originate in farms free of antibiotics, pesticides and steroids. The menu lists the actual suppliers of the varied food items used by El Dorado.

The guacamole is prepared table side Photo by Diane Davis

Guacamole varies widely from restaurant to restaurant, but we really enjoy El Dorado’s version. It contains a delightful mixture of fresh organic avocados mixed with organically grown serrano chiles, garlic, tomatoes, onions, cilantro and lime juice. Not too spicy and not too mild and served with organic house prepared tortilla chips.

Beef and Chicken Taquitos were served to guests at the anniversary

The third anniversary celebration was designed to thank customers for their patronage. Endless quantities of gluten free beef and chicken taquitos were served. The shredded beef and shredded free range chicken were topped with romaine lettuce, salsa cascabel, pico de gallo, sour crème and queso fresco. The tasty items were consumed as fast as they were served.

Guests enjoyed an open bar and were also treated to nearly endless amount of passed margaritas. Photo by Dianne Davis


Complementary Mexican sombreros added to the party atmosphere Photo by Burt Davis


General Manager Martine Jordan and Chef Paco cut the anniversary cake which was served to everyone Photo by Dianne Davis

El Dorado has recently opened an El Dorado Express in the Boulevard Food Court on the Las Vegas Strip. We hope to check it out when we visit the area.The El Dorado Cantina has become a permanent fixture in Las Vegas. We certainly will be back to enjoy it again before the fourth anniversary. For more information on El Dorado, check out  El Dorado Cantina.


Photo by Dianne Davis
Photo by Burt Davis


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