Base Coat LA Review – The Epitome of #TreatYoSelf

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So Chic and Full of ‘Instagrammable’ Moments! Photo Credit: Jess Isaac Photography
Los Angeles knows a thing or two about luxury. Sure, health infused juices and cocktails, and number of ‘instagrammable’ moments are spread all across the city. However there is one place that comes to mind that combines a few key attributes along with luxury – Base Coat!
We had the chance to speak with Base Coat co-founder Ali Elman on just how Base Coat is making its presence known and immerging itself as the gem of all salons in a sea of duds.
Non-Toxic Nail Polishes Are Used at Base Coat! Photo Credit: Jess Isaac Photography

Splash Magazines: What drove you to launch Base Coat?

Ali Elman: There was a need to provide a safer, less toxic environment in which to get your nails done. For both the client and the employee. 

SM: The name fits perfectly, what is the meaning behind the name, Base Coat?

AE: The name Base Coat was inspired by the philosophy of the business and brand: A beautiful set of nails starts with a healthy base coat. That is the foundation of our business and also the inspiration behind the two X’s in our logo: 10 fingers and 10 toes.

The Foundation of Base Coat! Photo Credit: Jess Isaac Photography

SM: What do you feel like the nail/spa industry is lacking assured how does Base Coats fill the niche?

AE: There are a lot of standards that are not upheld in the nail industry. From fair wages to proper guaranteed breaks for the employees to the use of known harmful chemicals. At Base Coat we guarantee wages, block out time for breaks and lunches and use the least harmful products that are available to us on the market.  A lot of nail salons are jumping on the band wagon of “all natural” or “non-toxic,” but they are not actually fulfilling those promises. Base Coat is 100% what it says it is and we stand behind our word. 

SM: What has been the feedback?

AE: Our clients love our spa-like atmosphere and our clean products. Most of the time, they feel like they have been given an experience that turns their day around and gives them a small break to indulge themselves. 

You’re in GREAT hands at Base Coat! Photo Credit: Jess Isaac Photography


SM: What can guests expect at Base Coat?

AE: They can expect to walk into a relaxing space and be attended to for the entire service and be assured that they will walk out of Base Coat with a flawless set of nails. 

SM: Tell me a little about the oils/products used during services as well as the nail polish line.

AE: Since we use the least toxic nail products and have our own polish line, it just made sense to create a spa line for us to use in our services. This allows us to have control over the quality of the ingredients use and tailor it for our use. They are all plant-based and avoid known allergens. We also went with scents we felt would layer well and work for both men and women without being overpowering. We love our products and use them personally every day. 

The premier nail salon is located in Downtown Los Angeles, and raises the scale when it comes to pampering yourself! It starts at the bases – point, blank, period!


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