still from documentary Anselm. With artist and art fra,ed by sunset.
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Anselm, A Film by Wim Wenders-Review

From the opening shot of the film neither the 3D camera’s eye nor its subject artist, Anselm Keifer, ever stops moving. The camera floats through his works and the landscapes he creates, following the 79 year old artist as he bicycles or paddles through his cavernous art factory to landscapes of his past as a youth. […]


Going To Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project

Going To Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project,which documents the celebrated poet and activist, never wavers from her harsh and hard won personal and racial truths, yet is strangely one of the most uplifting artist profiles I’ve seen. Winner of The Sundance Documentary Grand Jury Prize, it may indeed be a roadmap to survive and thrive at any age […]

DJ Jazzy Jeff presents NAMM Innovator Award to Grand Mixer DXT

NAMM 2023 Humanity Over Technology

It was humanity not technology that took center stage at The 2023 NAMM Awards. Whether it was Public Enemy’s bassist Brian Hardgroove putting into perspective the band’s social impact as he presented the first ever Impact Music & Culture Award to CHUCK D or Brandi Carlile talking about witnessing and becoming a part of Joni Mitchell’s return to the big stage after her stroke. […]

Martin Landau with arm around Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury On Writing and Writers

Ray Bradbury: I starved for years, you have to make up your mind that it’s gonna take 20 years to get established in any profession you go into. I sold newspapers on a street corner for three years, between the ages of 19-22.
People would come by and see me standing on the corner, making $8 a week. And they’d say, “Ray, what are you doing here?” I said, “becoming a writer.” That’s what you have to decide what you want. Not what the world wants



Adobe Max 2020 was the most entertaining Max-tacular ever, with bravura celebrity moderators and presenters like Conan O’brien, Ava DuVernay, Chelsea Handler and mind-bending updates to apps like Photoshop. […]