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Nikita Steals
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We sat down with Nikita Steals, a woman who has made huge and significant changes in
the corporate industry, for an exclusive interview. Her insights and experiences highlight
her remarkable journey and the impact she has had in promoting inclusivity and
innovation. Check out our in-depth conversation with Nikita in Splash Magazine, where
She shares her story and vision for the future!

During my twenty-five-year journey to executive leadership roles at some of the world’s largest and best brands, I discovered a persistent gap at the intersection of talent acquisition and DEI strategy. This compartmentalized approach creates tension in the talent lifecycle, preventing the development of holistic, integrated people strategies. Northwest Talent Solutions aims to fill this gap: to empower clients to capture crucial moments when engaging top talent, mitigate disparity in hiring processes, and adopt technologies that enable exceptional performance in diverse environments globally. As a global human capital strategist, I founded this company to address these needs. Having created two successful entrepreneurial ventures previously, Northwest Talent Solutions is my capstone and contribution to both the private industry and the public sector.

Can you describe the core services your company offers?

Northwest Talent Solutions provides holistic talent acquisition strategies, including Staffing Augmentation, Contingency Search, Retained Search, and Recruitment Placement Outsourcing (RPO). We also offer HR and DEI consultancy services. Our unique approach blends holistic talent acquisition with DEI solutions for clients in both the private and public sectors. We primarily focus on Technology, Healthcare, and Finance industries, with a current emphasis on providing top AI talent to support the ethical evolution of AI.

How does Northwest Talent Solutions approach talent acquisition differently from others in the industry?

Our firm emphasizes not only the tangible skillsets of candidates but also intangible characteristics such as adaptability to inclusive environments, empathy, collaboration in diverse teams, and high performance. We aim to elevate our clients’ talent landscapes beyond traditional expectations, ensuring they attract, engage, hire, and retain the best talent in Technology, Healthcare, and Finance. Our partnership begins with an initial needs analysis and continues throughout the contract, grounded in our core values of Transparency, Bar-raising performance, Inclusion, Integrity, Accountability, Continuous Learning, and Innovation.

What are the key challenges in fostering diversity and inclusion in corporate settings that your firm addresses?

Organizations struggle to manage the reality that mitigating disparity requires mechanization from the top of the talent funnel through post-attrition. We help clients understand the impact of implicit bias on equitable outcomes across the talent lifecycle. As expert consultants, we guide clients in compliance and data sharing, facilitating healthy conversations around DEI. Our goal is to create inclusive environments and mitigate risks through active listening, expert-led training, and impactful dialogue.

Could you share a success story from your consulting work?

Northwest Talent Solutions, a WBENC certified WOSB/WBE, serves state, local, and federal governments, along with top Tech brands. Our ability to scale for clients in both sectors has received national acclaim. Currently, we focus on providing top AI and machine learning talent 44% faster than competitors while maintaining minimal adverse impact.

What trends are you currently observing in global talent management?

Many larger corporations are “right-sizing” after pandemic-induced headcount increases, leading to layoffs and a reprioritization of skill sets, particularly in Tech and Finance. In Tech, there’s a shift towards AI and Machine Learning talent. Additionally, there’s a shift in DEI focus, with some companies moving away from public declarations while others double down on meaningful DEI strategies. The Supreme Court ruling overturning Affirmative Action has prompted companies to be more measured and less performative in their DEI efforts. There’s also a growing emphasis on inclusive and empathetic leadership.

How has your background influenced your approach to leadership and talent strategies?

My journey has been marked by both highlights and lowlights, including dealing with micro-aggressions and overt discrimination. These experiences have taught me resilience, strength, and the ability to inspire through trials, errors, faith, and continuous self-development. My life and leadership experiences drive me to use my talents for the greater good of the teams I lead and the organizations I scale.

What unique methodologies does your firm employ in its consulting practices?

We train every candidate on corporate DEI principles before they start with a client. We also leverage AI-based platforms to mitigate bias in our hiring practices. Partnering with BiasSync, a leading DEI diagnostics company, we sometimes diagnose a client’s biases before moving forward with talent acquisition.

How do you measure the success of your diversity and inclusion initiatives?

Success is measured by our ability to move clients from ambiguity and discomfort around DEI to integrating DEI principles within their talent lifecycles, ultimately leading to risk mitigation and fostering inclusive environments.

What role does technology play in your consulting services?

We advocate for ethical AI products to automate and streamline processes and reduce churn. Our partnerships with external vendors for Applicant Tracking Systems demonstrate our commitment to agility, innovation, and client needs.

How do you keep your team motivated and focused on the company’s goals?

Our hires feel a “calling” to our mission, offering them an opportunity to earn a lucrative living while self-actualizing as people strategists. Our internal culture emphasizes fun, collaboration, inclusion, belonging, high performance, and a chance to change the world. The “NWTS Constitution,” a living document outlining our vision and mission, guides our team.

Can you discuss any partnerships that have been pivotal for your business?

Every client partnership is pivotal, as we are grateful for opportunities to impact and build long-term, trusted connections with clients.

What future plans do you have for expanding or evolving your services?

We plan to deepen our services in the federal government and broaden our reach in the private sector globally. Our focus on Technology, Finance, and Healthcare will continue as these industries need us most.

How do you handle resistance from organizations when implementing new strategies?

Understanding clients’ goals and cultivating authentic, trusted partnerships help us move through resistance. We actively listen and help clients reduce internal noise to deliver effective solutions, building connections that create amazing outcomes.

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs aspiring to enter the HR and DEI consulting industry?

Identify your strengths and areas for development, align your efforts towards creating impactful services or products, seek education and mentorship, and remain resilient through challenges. Believe in the lasting impact of your work, as greatness is your birthright. Scale Beyond the Talent Bar.

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