2024 Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Welcome Back Kotter the Complete Series

Image from WB of DVD box cover

Welcome Back, Kotter premiered in 1975 and aired for four seasons. The series was nominated for four Emmy Awards® including Outstanding Comedy Series in 1976.  The original cast includes a young John Travolta playing the role of Vinnie Barbarino in his first principal TV role. The series also stars Gabe Kaplan as Gabe Kotter, Marcia Strassman as Julie Kotter, John Sylvester White as Mr. Woodman, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs as Washington, Robert Hegyes as Epstein, and Ron Palillo as Horshack.


Gabriel Kaplan stars as Kotter, a graduate of a tough Brooklyn high school who returns to teach a classroom of underachieving “sweathogs” – Epstein, Washington, Horshack, and leader of the pack Vinnie Barbarino. Comedy class is in session!

$55.99 Buy now!


Image from BEAM x DOLE

Help dad add a little dose of amazing to his drinks. BEAM x Dole pre-workout drink is stimulant-free, crafted without caffeine for any time use. This pre-workout is fortified with three trademarked ingredients, is naturally flavored and colored, and is proudly vegan. Dole Whip Strawberry boasts 20g of protein per serving, zero sugar, added prebiotic fiber, is gluten- and soy-free, and has only 130 calories per serving. It utilizes patented Puris Pea, ensuring unmatched taste and texture. This marks BEAM Be Amazing’s second vegan protein flavor to be 100% natural, continuing their commitment to avoiding artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or dyes.

$45.99 Buy now!

CTRL+ALT+DEL™ Facial Cleanser from Veriphy Skin Care

Help dad try out new products to keep his handsome face clean and fresh this Father’s Day. The CTRL+ALT+DEL™ Facial Cleanser from Veriphy Skin Care deeply cleans the pores while moisturizing the skin. A rich combination of natural oils and ingredients it works well on any skin type.

$44 Buy now!

Nat Pat Bedtime Stickers for Adults

Image from Nat Pat

These 100% natural product and chemical free stickers are sure to help dad reach a deeper sleep each night. Sleepy Patches use a specially crafted formulation of essential oils to bring on sleep. Sleepy Patch is designed to help calm the nervous system, the mind and stimulate an overall relaxed sensation. With hints of mandarin, lavender, marjoram, and vetiver these patches are crafted with a sleeper in mind.

$36+ Buy now!

COR Surf Hat

Image from COR Surf

Keep the sun out of your face while boating! The COR Surf Lifeguard hat is designed to last, and keep you comfortable. The interior stretch fit headband not only gives you that flex-fit, but also wicks sweat. Protect your face from the elements and enjoy your day in the Sun with the COR Surf Straw Sun Hat. Cloth printed under brim extends the life of the straw hat and provides an anti-glare under-visor. With an adjustable chin strap, it’s  made with natural premium straw of the highest quality. The extra wide brim provides added sun protection and keeps you cool in the heat and warm weather.

$34.99 Buy now! Also available on Amazon.

Fx Chocolates

Image from Fx Chocolates

For dad’s with a sweet tooth, but is also health-conscious, consider chocolates from Fx Chocolates this Father’s Day. The delicious dark chocolate square is sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, keto-friendly, contains 0g sugar and includes Reishi, Ashwagandha, and phytonutrients. The perfect gift for the fitness dad, who also LOVES their sweets!

They offer a variety of types of chocolates, such as: Dream – to support better sleep; Exhale – downshift into a calmer state of mind; Defend – for immune support; Focus – supports brain health; Sunshine – extra boost of vitamins D3, K1 & K2; and Radiant – promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails.

$22 Buy now!

Fred Whisky Glass from Noon & Moon

Image from Noon & Moon

These hand blown glasses, inspired by Japanese craftsmanship are a must for any whisky loving dad. They have a 10oz capacity and are easy to hold. They are dishwasher safe, but it is recommended to wash these crystal glasses by hand using a soft cloth to dry and polish. Get yours today and add a twist of artistry to any cupboard.

$21 (set of 2) Buy now!

Meat and Veggie Bars from Wild Zora

Image from Wild Zora

For dads who love to snack a perfect gift to tempt their taste buds are the Meat and Veggie Bars from Wild Zora. Elevate their jerky snacking to include more than just meat. Choose from beef, lamb, pork, or turkey. Each bar is elegantly mixed with veggies and spices and packed with protein. They taste good and are good for you too! Check out the flavors today!

$14.24+ Buy now!


Image of book cover

Life on the Green from legendary sports talk show host Ann Liguori is a dream collection of insights and life lessons from some of the most compelling characters and champions in the game’s history. The book features 12 golf legends including Jack Nicklaus, Annika Sorenstam, Padraig Harrington and more.

$16.76 Buy now!


Image of book cover

The Resilient Athlete by Andrejs Birjukovs is a step-by-step self-coaching framework designed to build on foundational fitness principles and help you develop athletic resilience, all while optimizing your training for sports, athletics and adventure.

$14.39 Buy now!

 Schär – Vanilla Wafers

Give dad a sweet treat for Father’s Day with these Vanilla Wafers. These thin, crisp wafers are stuffed with vanilla filling and are a perfect little treat to have in the afternoon. Imported from Italy, and gluten, preservative, and wheat free they are sure to be hit this year.

$3.99 Buy now!

Minelab Pro-Find Pinpointers

Image from Minelab

Elevate your dad’s metal detecting outing with a Pro-Find Pinpointer from Minelab. These will help you better find those little bits of metal hidden beneath the earth that your metal detector alerted you to. Minelab also has high-end metal detectors for those new to detecting. Check them out today in the link below.

Various prices Buy now!

*Photos courtesy of respective companies. We were not paid to promote these items, though many of the companies chose to send us the product prior to (and after) the publication of this guide.

*Feature image by Steve DiMatteo on Unsplash

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