National Beer Day – The Perfect Day to Enjoy A Pour from Your Local Tap

Golden Road (Courtesy Stephan Martin)
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As National Beer Day dawns upon us once again, enthusiasts and aficionados alike raise their glasses in celebration of this beloved libation. From the frothy pints of craft brews to the timeless classics of well-established breweries, beer remains a cornerstone of social gatherings, culinary experiences, and even historical milestones. Join us as we raise a toast to the rich tapestry of flavors, traditions, and innovations that define the world of beer on this National Beer Day. Splash Magazines Worldwide has highlighted some of the best ways to celebrate National Beer Day!

This is a great day to explore breweries in your local city and several cities have made it easy for you to do so. Bakersfield has created an app and allows you to win prizes by exploring their “Bakersfield Brewery Trail“. The city of Anaheim has created the “Anaheim Brew Pass” that offers an assortment of discounts at local breweries.

Yard House is pouring $10 Half Yards—a head-turning 32 ounces of beer—all day on April 7.

Courtesy Yardhouse

21st birthdays are a universal milestone and an occasion gather with friends and family…over a beer or two. But that first beer probably isn’t your brew of choice anymore. This National Beer Day, it’s everyone’s 21st and as always, Yard House—known for great beer and food against a backdrop of classic rock—is celebrating with $10 Half Yards all day. And, in the spirit of reliving (or living) the milestone:

  • Yard House will upgrade guests’ beer. DM us via Instagram your 21st birthday photo holding your first legal drink and we’ll photoshop a better beer (in a Half Yard) into the shot.
  • For guests actually turning 21 of April 7, DM us proof of your birth date and you might get a gift to make the next day a little less rough


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