Memorial and Exhibition for New Yorker and 90s Rock N’ Roller Jamie Ross of Like It 

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David Craig Ellis, owner of Not Another Gallery! in Brooklyn and all-around aficionado of the New York art scene since the 1990s, is honoring the life of friend and fellow artist Jamie Ross the only way he thinks is fitting: with music and celebration. Ross was the outspoken, larger-than-life lead singer of the rock band LIKE IT who sadly passed away recently; but not before seeing lifelong dreams come true when he toured with Like It as the official, opening act for Ace Frehley, the original lead guitarist, occasional lead vocalist and founding member of the rock band KISS. To say Ross was a fan of the iconic band was an understatement, as his collection of KISS memorabilia speaks for itself. Ross and Like It also opened for other heavy metal bands like Ratt and Enuff Z’Nuff. 

Image courtesy of David Craig Ellis

Performing for fans across the world was what Ross did best, and was most in his element while performing for thousands of fellow KISS diehards like himself. It was something he did with conviction even when he was sick, his best friend, fellow bandmate and once-upon-a-time roommate Ellis says. “He played hard rock. He carried himself like a frontman, a lead singer.” Often being described as obnoxious, Ellis describes his friend as charming, handsome and talented. “But he had a temper that could easily be activated and he had no problem telling people to “f**k off,” Ellis jokes. 

Image Courtesy of Karena Reiter

Ross’ outgoing and exuberant personality made him a well-known entity of the great ‘90s Rock n’ Roll scene in New York City. The memorial hopes to draw that community together again to honor their friend and fellow musician. Ellis notes that in respect to their late friend, the memorial will have to be longer than that, but a spectacle. And one day is not enough to celebrate his life. “With people flying in from all over, we’ll need a week to celebrate Jamie Ross.” When asked what his friend would think of the memorial at Not Another Gallery!, Ellis says, “I think Jamie would say ‘Do it. Go all the way with it.’ He would love the attention.”

Image courtesy of David Craig Ellis

While Ellis will host the week-long fete for his beloved friend at his gallery, he is adamant that this event came together with the help of many others whose lives the musician touched. “This exhibition has taken a monumental amount of work and planning; and thankfully I’ve had a tremendous amount of help from Jamie’s wife, friends and family members. I couldn’t do this alone.”

The celebration of life will include live music performances, reading, a John Lennon-style Bed-In with Sunday brunch, posters, photos, videos, giveaways and of course an open bar. There will also be a psychic medium on hand for all those in attendance who would like to try to contact Jamie Ross for approval on the memorial or maybe song list suggestions.


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  1. Jamie was a ONE OF A KIND. He loved life and always had the mindset of’why not’? He envisioned his future and it became so.

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