Party at the Pantheon – A Modern Comedic Story

Donovan Mullings (Sisyphus), Jamaque Newberry (Orpheus), and Malachi Marrero (Dionysus) in the Factory Theater’s “Party at the Pantheon” by Michael Jones, directed by Kamille Dawkins.
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I’m sure that the majority of readers have read or come across stories of Greek mythology. If not, there is an opportunity to watch a modern take of one of these tales. Party at the Pantheon is a modern Greek stoner comedy playing at The Factory Theater in Rogers Park. 

For background, Orpheus in your classic story is a well-known poet and musician who loses his wife Eurydice and decides to plead his case to Hades, God of the Underworld and bring her back to earth. He is allowed to do so on one condition: he should walk in front of her and not look back until they both have reached the surface. However, as soon as he had reached the upper world, he immediately turned to look at her, forgetting that both of them needed to be above for the condition to be met. Sadly, Orpheus loses her to the Underworld. 

Matt Chester (Hades) in the Factory Theater’s “Party at the Pantheon”

In this modern version, written by Michael Jones and directed by Kamille Dawkins, Orpheus is a singer, musician and producer who had Eurydice at his side. This story begins as Orpheus is reeling at having lost his beloved. Of course, making it worse is having to hear about it on social media. However, when his friend Dionysus decides to throw a party for his friend Orpheus, they set out along with Sisyphus to gather the important elements of a great party: food, wine, and music! Sounds easy enough right? Not quite. The audience is taken along the adventure as the trio have to be sneaky with Atlas to get the fruit for the wine, avoid a group of Cyclops and make new friends along the way. And like any good story there is a lesson learned by Orpheus.

While the theater is a small and intimate space, there was no lack of great performances. Full of fun, heart, and comedic moments for the modern times, it was an entertaining 90 minutes. My guest and I laughed throughout the whole show. Recommended, it is a fabulous way to spend a Saturday night partying at the Parthenon. Do not miss out!

The cast includes Orpheus – Jamaque Newberry, Dionysus – Malachi Marrero, Sisyphus – Donovan Mullings, Chorus #1 – Tierra Matthews, Chorus #2 & Dionysus U/S – Tateonna Thompson, Chorus #3 – Matt Chester, Chorus #4 – Garrett Wiegel, Orpheus U/S & Chorus # 3 U/S – Michael Jones, Sisyphus U/S – Reginald Hemphill, Chorus #1 U/S – Azi Akpan, Chorus #2 U/S – Blythe Inanna, Chorus #4 U/S – Ethan Carlson

Jamaque Newberry (Orpheus) in the Factory Theater’s “Party at the Pantheon”

Party at the Pantheon is performed at The Factory Theater, 1623 W Howard St.Rogers Park, Chicago. Playing February 9 – March 23, Fridays & Saturdays @ 8:00pm, Sundays @ 3:00pm. Tickets: $25


For 30 years, the Factory has created its shows from scratch, doing exactly the kind of theater they wanted to do. From writing workshops to the closing night bash, Factory shows are a unique experience that fits its exacting standards: original, bold, and full-tilt. Its shameless ensemble are ambassadors of a good time, making certain that Chicago remains heartily entertained.

Photo Credit: Candice Lee Conner (Oomphotography)


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