#Ohana4Maui fly rations with Planet 9 to Maui

Malibu and Marina Del Rey friends come together to send Emergency Essentials to Maui fire survivors

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Ohana4Maui a group of friends from Malibu to Marina Del Rey organized a rescue relief in less than 48 hours sending a private plane filled with survival goods to Maui. Cinde Montgomery , Sharon Stone, Kelly Renee Stone, Matt Walter Planet 9 Aviation, Wailani O’Herlihy, Gisele CHB, Melanie Angel, Eden Albert, J Diggety, Bailey Renee Roberts and many other close friends joined in to assist this project Ohana4maui. Cinde Montgomery really led this Girl Team managing to fill an entire plane full of essentials, clothes, shoes, pampers, food, including dog food, cat food, and medical supplies.

Matt Walter of Planet 9 Aviation announced that the Global Express private plane took off from Castle & Cook Aviation Burbank, Friday afternoon August 11, at 2:45pm enroute to Maui Hawaii. More private planes will continue to go over to the Island to assist with emergency rescue relief.

Bailey Rebecca Roberts i.g. @baileyrebeccaroberts, born and raised in Maui, currently residing in Los Angeles, CA has been in close contact with survivors of the Maui Fires. Roberts spoke to Fox News about the impact this has on residents of Maui. “The devastation is far severe than it is depicted on the media. People literally were burned alive in the fire” says Roberts. Roberts also concluded “ its going to take years for Maui to recover and it will never be the same.” Emergency sirens were not activated ahead of the deadly blaze. Roberts urges anyone with vacation plans to visit Maui to cancel them adding Maui is closed despite what you may hear on social media.

Over 1,000 Maui homes were destroyed, local families are without money or resources. Many historical Maui locations have been destroyed including the Laihana Yacht Club. Residents of Maui escaped with only the clothes on their back. Maui is in desperate need of immediate assistance.

Planet 9 Jet landed in Hawaii Friday evening August 11th. The Maui for Maui organization met the Planet 9 Jet with trucks and unloaded “Hawaii Style”. 7 trucks took the emergency goods to the families.

Maui’s Governor is already on the move with the rebuild project. Captain Justin Aoki is intending to leaving Oahu Hawaii on Battleship 7 loaded with building supplies for Ohana4Maui. Photos of Maui to Maui organization and CDG arrival courtesy of Maui to Maui.

Industry partners at LAX are collecting donations for another private charter flight to leave for Maui with supplies at the beginning of the week. Ohana4Maui will have a fundraiser for donations on Sunday between 2-6pm 1921 Hazel Nut Court Malibu CA 91301 ( next to Rock Store). Gisele International CHB, Pet Smart and KENNELCLUBLAX are working together collecting pet food and medical supplies.

You can also drop off items #Ohana4maui 2301 Bellevue Ave. Los Angeles CA 90026 and we’ll make sure they’re on the flight. There will also be a container of supplies leaving the Port of Long Beach August 17, 2023.
For pets:
* Dog food
* Cat food
* Cat litter
* Any medications for dogs and cats 
For people:
* Toothbrushes / Toothpaste
* Hand Soap
* Deodorant  
* Bath Soap
* Shampoo / Conditioner
* Combs / Brushes
* Feminine Care Products
* Baby Wipes
* Diapers
* Baby Formula
* Chapstick
* Sunscreen
* Medicines (Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin, Pepto, Tums, etc.)
* Socks
* Underwear
* T-shirts
* Work gloves
* Towels
* Backpacks
* Trash Bags
* Tarps
* Refillable Water Bottles
* Solar Powered Batteries with cables
* Generators
* Portable Phone charges
* Solar powered lights
* Portable battery/solar lamps

About Maui Fires:
* Maui’s warning sirens were not activated as deadly wildfires approached the town of Lahaini, emergency officials said.
* Officials have confirmed 55 deaths in the wildfires that tore through Maui, but Maui County Mayor Richard Bissen warned the death toll “could go up.”
* Six fires are burning in Maui and the Big Island, but officials said the Lahaina fire is now 80% contained. Many of the town’s historic landmarks are lost.
* Hawaii Gov. Josh Green said the fires are likely to be the largest natural disaster in the state’s history. It appears like a “bomb” went off, he said.
* Survivors have spoken of the harrowing experience of losing their homes.

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  1. Hello, my name is Tatiana Botton and I am in Maui and myself and Matt Walter’s team worked on getting this plane to Maui and the supplies distributed. Can you tell me what Ohana4Maui is? I know you donated some items. Is anyone from your team available for a quick chat? I just want to make sure the dues are going where they need to.

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