Proper Eats Food Hall Offers Eclectic Choices at Aria Las Vegas

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It’s the latest thing. Out with the buffet and in with some selections that include more than just middle of the road eateries. Clique Hospitality has opened Proper Eats Food Hall at the Aria in Las Vegas. This 24,000 square foot location offers a new spot where a gathering of hungry folks can pick from unique offerings surrounding the tables where diners can come together. A meet in the middle as it were.

Oscar Wharton  Photo by Burt Davis
Oscar Wharton Photo by Burt Davis

Oscar Wharton, founder of A Perfect Bite Hospitality, traveled the globe selecting key eateries to join together in offering diners some traditional and many unique dishes.

Foods available there range from the traditional pizza, burgers, and donuts to the more global including Korean chicken, Temaki, and Mediterranean dishes. But this is not traditional fast food. More on the gourmet side.

This was a particularly delicious writing assignment as there was tasting included in the December 2022 preview of the facility located on the second floor where the buffet once stood, not far from the convention center. Here’s a taste of what diners will find at Proper Eats.

Easy Donuts Photo by Burt Davis

Easy Donuts – You can start your day with a variety of specialty donuts with sprinkles or fruit fillings or mini quiches coupled with coffee and expresso selections.

Egghead Photo by Dianne Davis

EggheadWant a bit more to start the day? Enjoy their signature dish of eggs and cheese on fresh-baked potato brioche bread.

Try a “Sam Rothstein” Photo by Burt Davis

Wexler’s DeliHow about some bagels and lox? This is Las Vegas so try the “Moe Greene” created with house-smoked hand-sliced lox with caviar. A new Vegas menu item is the house-smoked pastrami Reuben called the “Sam Rothstein”. Hmmm, is it to die for?

Shalom Y’All Photo by Dianne Davis

Shalom Y’AllHave you tried humas? How about some mediterranean food including falafel and tahina. Be sure to sample the shawarma spiced cauliflower bowl,

Pizzaoki Photo by Burt Davis

Pizzaoki Want an electric and modern take on thin crust New York style pizza with elevated dough and toppings, herb infused dough, san marzano tomatoes, and an ultra premium mozzarella blend to delight the taste buds. Or something a little more traditional.

Laughing Buddha Photo by Dianne Davis

Laughing Buddha – This new ramen spot offers steamed bao with pork belly and eggplant, and bowls of hot tonkatsu pork and miso ramen. 

Lola’s Burgers Photo by Dianne Davis

Lola’s Burgers – Ready to bit into something meaty? Head back to this Burger Bar which had its origins on the East Coast. All the fixin’s are there too.

Seoul Bird Photo by Burt Davis

Seoul Bird Vegas was chosen to be the first location outside of London. Proprietor Judy Joo herself came to the Aria to open her eatery which features K-Tots topped with melted cheese, kimchi and hot sauce, and a signature fried chicken sandwich with signature sauce and Kewpie mayonnaise.

Temaki Photo by;; Burt Davis

Temaki If sushi is your thing, this is your place for fresh, innovative hand-rolls and other modern sushi dishes.

Proper Eats Bar Photo by Burt Davis

Proper Eats Bar – Traditional drinks as well as many specials designed to compliment the available food. According to Wharton, It’ll be a great place for people to break away after their conventions or hotel guests who want to have a drink,” Expect cocktails like the Gin-Z, with gin, Aperol, and prosecco or the Kosher Style cocktail, with vodka, iced tea, and lemonade.

Orders can be placed at the centrally located kiosk or at the individual locations. You can enjoy the food offerings at Proper Eats beginning at 7 a.m. with many of the spots open until 11:00 p.m.

Article by Dianne Davis and Burt Davis


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