Celebrity Dating Coach Nicole Moore Spills the Details Behind “Reality of Love”

Meghan King joins the show to dish on her love life. Photo Courtesy of bspoke tv
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What do you get when you combine a genre that’s hard to resist paired with discussions about your love life? Reality of Love is a new series, presented by HUD App, that airs on BSpoke Tv

Photo Courtesy of bspoke tv

On each episode of Reality of Love, celebrities will get real and raw about the reality of their love lives today and receive coaching from Nicole Moore (of Love Works Method) on how to make their love life work, finally. From rewriting celebs dating profiles on air to helping a reality tv couple finally communicate without a fight. 

“I created Reality of Love to combine two things I absolutely love: reality tv entertainment and personal development. Having worked as a love coach for more than 10 years, including with celebrity clients in the reality tv space, I know first-hand that even the most public of people often keep their love life details private. This can be due to shame, fear of being misunderstood, or never having been given a safe space to go deep,” Moore shares EXCLUSIVELY with Splash Magazines. I wanted to create a show where the celebs we love on tv could share their unedited, real selves, have fun and spill the tea on their love and sex lives. My goal with Reality of Love is that people see that stars really are just like us with the same goals and hang-ups in love and that the audience takes home a lesson from every episode.” 

Photo Courtesy of bspoke tv

Some of our favorite reality stars such as: Meghan King (Real Housewives of Orange County), Kelly Chase (Love Is Blind), Elle Monae (Too Hot To Handle), Nadia Jagessar (Indian Matchmaking), Gentille Chhun (Marrying Millions), Serena Chew (The Bachelor), Tiffany Moon (Real Housewives of Dallas), and more have barred it all while on “Reality of Love”. Tonight’s episode will feature more individuals that take the hot seat to discuss their relationships and dating in general on screen in a new light.

“I love the theme of tonight’s episode which is being mislabeled and understood in the dating world and life in general. I got the idea for this episode after connecting with Aparna Shewakrwmani from Indian Matchmaking and seeing that she is so different from the difficult and unlikeable labels she was branded with due to her edit on the show. So many people, women especially, often feel like they have to fit into a box in order to be loved and this episode is all about showing people that you can be fully you and shake off anyone’s attempts to mislabel you,” Moore continues. “We have some beautiful and powerful guests on the episode including Aparna from Indian Matchmaking, Annalise Puccini from The Bachelor, Jarry Lee from Dating Around, and Violet Benson from the Daddy Issues podcast.” 

It’s a show you won’t want to miss! Tune into BSpoke Tv for tonight’s episode which will be available at 6 pm EST. 


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