New Release: Marc Buil of Artika Books Talks About “Via Crucis” launch by Fernando Botero

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Thanks so much for taking the time for this interview, Marc! Before we dig in, our readers would love to “get to know a bit more about you and Artika” better. Can you share the backstory about how Artika became this industry category a conjunction of books and art?

The history of ARTIKA began 20 years ago within Grupo Planeta, the largest Spanish-language publishing and communications group in the world. The dream was to create a new category in the art world that also had a foot in the world of luxury publishing. 20 years later we are in more than 20 countries offering our TOP international artists’ works. We act as ambassadors of the artists on the way to reach a wider public than their gallery owners can reach, and at the same time allowing customers to have original works of their favorite artists.

Congratulations on your most recent release by Fernando Botero; tell us more about this art piece book and what it means to Artika and the Artist.

This work is a tribute by Fernando Botero to his origins, to his roots. In the 1950s, Fernando Botero traveled through Europe to learn from the great artists he encountered in the 1950s, and in the 1950s, he was able to learn from the great artists that he encountered in the world of art.

They are slow and delicate processes because we have a high level of demand for quality in all processes. Right now we have more than 14 projects on the table at different stages of the project, but for confidentiality reasons we can not advance what they are until a few days before the launch.

What’s the most common question when collectors or art enthusiasts ask you about the Artist’s books?

Many people ask about the involvement of the artist. For us it is essential to always work directly with the artist or with the museum/foundation that has the rights to the work in case the artist is not alive.
We put all our machinery, experts and know-how at the service of the artist in order to create unique pieces like the ones we present on this occasion with Fernando Botero.

You recently traveled to Colombia and Mexico for the Via Crucis Release. How was the book received? Where can Americans find them? Are they available worldwide?

The reception in Colombia and Mexico has been spectacular, both by the press and by the people. Fernando Botero is a much loved figure and it is something that is felt very closely in Colombia but also in the rest of the world.

In the United States ARTIKA arrived four years ago and is having a great reception. Many Americans already have an ARTIKA in their homes. It can be purchased through a totally personalized service on their website.


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