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Living Like A Millionaoire
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In her one-night stand at the Santa Monica Playhouse, entrepreneur-author Marilyn Anderson entertained us with her monologue of fun stories about moving to New York, dealing with frogs (dates) who did not become princes, and all sorts of ways we can live high without paying a fortune, including how to have a free six night vacation at a Spanish resort outside of Madrid.

Marilyn Anderson at Santa Monica Playhouse

The author of How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You’re a Million Short has been on numerous shows and interviewed in many magazines. 

Having traveled from New York on a vacation and deciding to stay in Los Angeles, Marilyn, who already had a master’s degree in science, felt the pull of Hollywood. Taking up the challenge to write a script, she defied those who said she’d never sell her story.  Despite what others said, she persisted and in fact Marilyn went on to write for several TV shows including Murphy Brown, Fame, Friday the 13th -The Series, and many others.  When her screenplay “How To Beat A Bully” kept getting optioned but not produced, she took matters into her own hands and made the film on a budget.  It’s now available on Amazon – as are her books.

Living Like A Millionaoire

Frustrated with the dating scene, she composed “Never Kiss a Frog: A Girl’s Guide to Creatures from the Dating Swamp.“  The book has now been published in 10 countries.

Then she instructed her dog on the art of composition and “he” wrote “MUTTweiler: An AutoDogography and with a partner, under the pen name of M.J. Richards, she wrote the mystery thriller, “Dishonor Thy Father.”

How To Beat A Bully by Marilyn Anderson

Marilyn goes through all the areas that people look for – travel deals, food deals, missing money that many people don’t even know is theirs, clothing bargains and how to get almost anything for free or low cost.  One of the key things is to ask!  Most people are not willing to do that. 

I know I’m seriously thinking of that free resort in Spain.

Marilyn describes her show as a cross between a TED talk and a one-woman play.  She appeared only on this one-night, but I am sure she will be repeating it again as everyone loves a bargain… and loves to laugh.  Be sure to check out her book. 

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