Slane Irish Whiskey – Blended and Aged to Irish Perfection

Slane Whiskey Lounge ( Courtesy Slane Irish Whiskey)
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Irish Whiskey has been a part of the history of Ireland for hundreds of years, yet the history is somewhat of a mystery. While distilleries have come and gone, Slane Irish Whiskey brought the long history of their castle to create their own version that brings back the Boyne Valley version of whiskey.

Slane Irish Whiskey is still in their infancy, but they have created a whiskey that is truly unique and brought to life on the grounds of their castle. Your first sip of Slane gives you a plethora of flavors, coming from three different barrels used to age and later blend their whiskey. Slane ages their whiskey in Tennessee whiskey barrels, virgin oak barrels and sherry casks, pulling in the unique flavor notes of each, then blends them together to create the flavorful whiskey.

Slane Irish Whiskey (Courtesy Slane)

Slane Irish Whiskey became a reality when Alex Conyngham and his father Henry developed and launched the brand with the distillery on the grounds of their home, the historic Slane Castle. Slane goes beyond being a great story, as the location lends itself to creating a great whiskey. Slane grows its own sustainable barley and uses it in their whiskey. They also have their own natural water source, as the ancient River Boyne runs right through the heart of the Slane grounds.

Slane Irish Whiskey is on the youthful side when it comes to Irish Whiskey, but shines with the history of Ireland. The history between the Conynghams and the Slane Estate dates back over 300 years, so you have generations of their family, their organic farm, the distillery and what has become one of the most iconic concert venues in the world. Slane Castle in the 1980’s began an amazing run of hosting some of the biggest bands in the world, from David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, and U2. The epic list of concerts continues in 2023, as it will be hosting Harry Styles on June 10th. Attending a concert at Slane Castle should be at the top of any music enthusiast’s bucket list, but beyond that, just a visit would be an incredible experience unto itself.

Manhattan with Slane at Verse in Los Angeles

If you can’t make your way to Ireland, there is plenty of Slane Whiskey to be found throughout the states. The flavors that shine through allows it to be enjoyed in so many ways. Anyone and everyone will find a way to partake and get hooked on Slane. If you are looking for a classic Irish Coffee, Slane seems tailor made as all of the different notes elevate this flavorful drink. Some other great drinks to feature Slane Irish Whiskey would include: Espresso Martini, Manhattan, Old Fashioned or Whiskey Sour. If you are a true whiskey connoisseur and this is your first time trying Slane, drinking it neat allows you to take the experience that the blending of three versions brings to each glass.

Irish Coffee with Slane (Courtesy Slane)

Whiskey itself continues to grow, along with number of brands that produce it. Trying to filter through all the whiskey labels can be a guessing game, and you can never be sure until that bottle opens, exactly what you are getting. That is what separates Slane Irish Whiskey from the rest, every bottle gives you a memorable experience. The combination of blending the flavors from three barrels along with ingredients that are all Irish, gives you a whiskey that is truly different, unique and flavorful. Slane is a whiskey that will always excite your taste buds with its complex flavors regardless of how you choose to enjoy it.

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