Poquito Mas Restaurant Review – Authentic, Fresh, Delicious

Poquito Mas Buena Park Re-Opening
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Southern California is the mecca of Mexican food and the restaurant choices are seemingly endless. With so many tasty options, narrowing it down comes to obviously quality of ingredients, the care that goes into each dish and of course taste. Poquito Mas has been serving up their Mexican dishes that way since 1984 and they do it each and every time without fail.

Tostada Bowl

The original Poquito Mas opened in Studio City and added multiple locations including the Warner Brothers Studio lot and their historic location in Buena Park. The Buena Park Poquito Mas is housed in a historic 1898 clapboard cottage that not only offers a beautifully unique interior dining experience, but also a great patio to enjoy the Southern California weather and a larger area in the back that is perfect for any event or party. Owner and founder Kevin McCarney created Poquito Mas with one thing in mind, to share the authentic Mexican food that he tasted one night as a young and from that moment strived to bring all those flavors to his diners.

Wild Caught Pacific Shrimp

The first thing that sets Poquito Mas apart from other restaurants are the ingredients. Fresh is not just a word, that is literally every ingredient used in their kitchens. Fresh as in every morning the ingredients are delivered to Poquito Mas and salsa, guacamole and everything else is made that day and once they run out of something, well, they are out of it. The ingredients aren’t the only fresh thing, the tortillas are literally made right in front of you and that is both flour and corn tortillas. If you haven’t had a dish made with a tortilla that is only seconds old, you have never truly experienced a burrito or taco. The difference is noticeable with the first bite.

Burrito Party Box

If you are in Buena Park, you might very well be visiting Knott’s Berry Farm or just taking in some of Orange County. It doesn’t matter if it is lunch, dinner or something to pick up for the drive, there is a dish for everyone. One of the ways that Poquito Mas goes above and beyond other restaurants is the quality of the various proteins they use, including wild caught Pacific shrimp. The pan fried shrimp is flavorful and tender and is the centerpiece of the shrimp tostada bowl and the shrimp burrito San Lucas. The bowl begins with a fresh flour tortilla fried into a crispy bowl and from their it is stuffed with ingredients including beans, rice, guacamole, cheese, pico de gallo and their incredible homemade salsa roja, that is their own unique spicy and flavorful version of salsa. One of the best parts of of Poquito Mas is simply getting to try all of their salsas.

Steak Taco

You can choose from an assortment of tacos, burritos, that they have creatively made in three different sizes so you get exactly the amount of food that you are looking for and with all of their dishes, you are not going to find better value for your dollar anywhere in California. In addition if you are looking for a protein inspired dish only, they have it. Kids meals, classic quesadillas, they make them all like they do everything else, fresh and wonderful ingredients and you will never leave hungry as each dish is packed with those great ingredients.

If you live near a Poquito Mas and you are planning a party at home or office event, they have incredible party boxes that are filled with mini burritos and they will take care of you no matter how many people you need. If you truly want to impress a group, skip the old standard sandwiches, subs or pizzas, a fresh burrito from Poquito Mas will satisfy any group.

If you know Southern California, you know Mexican food and you are likely to be very selective. Look no further than Poquito Mas, as they are as selective with their ingredients as you are with your food. While the food is always amazing, the one thing you will find that keeps you coming back as much as the food is the family atmosphere and the staff that will serve you like they are serving a member of their family.

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