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Luxury Traveling. Interior of Modern Motor Yacht (Credit Dreamer Company)
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While road trips were the rage during the peak of the pandemic, travelers looking to change up their experiences are increasingly looking to private boat rentals. With 40,000 available vessels worldwide, including 1,100 in the U.S. (that number is expected to double by the end of 2022), Click&Boat is the market leader, providing luxury outings for those looking to go big this summer. To date, Click&Boat has connected more than one-million users with its portfolio of boat owners. 

Woman on sailing yacht floating on the sea against the background of cliffs and beach (Courtesy iStock)

We’ve already seen how pent-up demand is finally causing travelers to go big and spend big according to CNBC. With Click&Boat, travelers can do just that by booking a private sailboat or yacht and create a vacation experience like never before. It’s the chance to become your own captain without the hassle of owning a boat.

Why Click&Boat? Like car shares and apartment rental sites, Click&Boat connects boat owners with travelers to rent their boats. It’s the Airbnb of boat rentals, providing intimate private experiences for families, friends, or couples looking to hit the water and escape the crowds, 

Where Can We Go? Click&Boat has boats all over the world, whether it’s along the French Riviera or along the Baja California Peninsula. From inland lakes to tropical island destinations, boat owners use the site and app to offer their vessels to travelers.

Who Actually Sails the Boat? Good question. Travelers booking with Click&Boat can organize to have a captain aboard with them if they’d like. If not, travelers themselves will be able to take the wheel and sail autonomously – and of course, there is an insurance built into the program.

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