Fashinnovation Rolls Out New Sustainable Brand Directory

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Sustainability in the fashion industry is changing from a buzzword to a serious concept within the fashion community. With only 3% of companies disclosing their supply chain, the murky waters of fashion pollution are being navigated by brands who are irresponsibly sourcing their materials. Luckily there are platforms like Fashinnovation. “As we’ve always said, for us fashion is community. Our Brand Directory is another way for us to contribute to the fashion and design world, bringing ethical brands into the global market (Marcelo and Jordana Guimaraes).”  

Rolling out a genius concept, Fashinnovation is introducing the Fashinnovation Brand Directory to provide consumers with a list of ethical, inclusive, sustainable brands that care about the environment and their impact as part of a larger problem – pollution. An increasingly substantial number of consumers are seeking brands that take the initiative and have a strong brand identity that centers itself around sustainability. Gen-Z in particular demonstrates consistently that “around 90 percent have made changes to become more environmentally conscious (Charlotte Pointing).” Reaching the target audience means adapting to their interest – “60 percent prioritize a reduced carbon footprint (Charlotte Pointing).”

With so many people worried about the environment, Fashinnovation Brand Directory is the perfect solution to help consumers navigate out of the treacherous, overwhelming waters of fast fashion and into clothes that are sourced correctly and pieces that are inclusively designed. According to Jordana and Marcelo Guimaraes, “These brands share our values of innovation, sustainability, diversity/inclusion, and entrepreneurship, and for this, we’re sure their growth through the Directory will surely generate positive change, globally.”

Starting in 2018, Fashinnovation became the leading promoter of inclusivity and sustainable fashion brands. With its worldwide seminars, the platform has become a leading commentator and participator in the fashion scene. For more information on Fashinnovation – please visit their website at www.fashinnovation.nyc!

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