Nostalgia Bar & Lounge by The Herbal Chef™ Chris Sayegh – Kicking off the Nostalgia on April 7th

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Nostalgia Bar & Lounge is the first brick and mortar concept from The Herbal Chef™ founder, Chris Sayegh, that evokes fond memories of childhood Americana through a familiar, yet whimsically mature menu and ambiance. Creature comforts from back in the day are reimagined utilizing Sayegh’s technical culinary background, paired with expertise from Nostalgia’s team of Chef and Partner Jared Ventura, Services Director Jack Goldberg, and Beverage Director Bradley Fry, to create playful New American bites and a quality bar program that encourage imbibers to play a game of Operation with an End of the Otter Pop cocktail in-hand.  Nostalgia Bar & Lounge will be having a Grand Opening Celebration on Thursday, April 7th from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Granted Nostalgia patrons will not find The Herbal Chef™’s signature use of cannabis-infused food on the menu due to current legislation; however, inventive CBD- and terpene-infused cocktails will be offered, as well as gourmet bar bites and live music. Another signature trait applied to the menu is the non-use of inflammatory seed oils, toxic chemicals, or anything that would disrupt the body from naturally functioning as intended. Those lucky enough to secure a Secret Supper Club membership are able to experience Sayegh’s and Ventura’s world-renowned cuisine at one of their closed-door, members-only, specialty dinners at the restaurant on select dates.  

Teaming with Chef Jared Ventura on the food menu, Chef Sayegh draws on his culinary background from working in such prestigious kitchens as Mélisse under Chef Josiah Citrine and Providence under Michael Cimarusti, to create seasonal dishes on the bar bites menu that will leave diners doing a double-take. Menu standouts include: Kobe Toast made with freshly baked sourdough toast, whole grain mustard aioli topped with A5 Kobe beef lightly torched with marinated radish, turnip, and microgreens; Oysters Two Ways, also described as “Fire & Ice,” accentuates two Aunt Dotty Oysters with smoked furikake sabayon for “Fire” and pineapple habanero granita on “Ice”; Lobster Roll with fresh poached lobster, herb aioli, lobster shell caramel, and served on a toasted brioche roll (add Kaluga caviar for +$10).  
Kobe Toast
For dessert, PB&J is taken to a new level via a chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, peanut mousse, raspberry sorbet, and candied peanuts. The Nostalgic Push Pop is presented in the very same format you had as a kid and comes in a trio of flavors from cherry/beet, orange, and strawberry 
End of the Otter Pop
The throwback beverage menu is a real blast from the past, with nostalgic references to the 80’s and 90’s that will have guests reminiscing of riding their Big Wheels and BMX bikes around the neighborhood. Notable cocktails include: Treat You Right, a take on the classic Orange Julius made with Old Forester, orange, vanilla, egg white, and cream; Woo Hoo, a reinterpretation of Yoo-Hoo chocolate beverage but made with vodka, Tia Maria, Crème de Cacao, and espresso; End of the Otter Pop, the perfect summer day porch-pounder for adults made with vodka, Clement Creole Shrubb, blueberry, raspberry, honey, Abstrax raspberry lemonade terpene with a berry fruit popsicle as a garnish/stirrer; Where in the World, (paging Carmen San Diego) made with reposado, St. George Green Chile, Aperol, passionfruit, and ginger beer. Any drink can be infused with CBD or terpenes upon request as well.
Lobster Roll
Before entering the main bar, guests are greeted by the large, outdoor patio donned with stringing lights and wooden picnic tables and benches situated on AstroTurf. This space calls your name on a warm summer night. The interior mimics an upscale rumpus room for adults, where guests choose their own adventure. Get situated in the comfy lounge which features a huge mural by Takun Williams (@technodome1), filled with cartoon favorites such as Ren & Stimpy, Johnny Bravo, and Power Puff Girls that seem to welcome all visitors. Cozy up on the light, leather sofas and decide among the surplus of old school board games to play, like Operation, Sorry, Jenga, and Battleship as you sip signature cocktails that might inspire a game of truth or dare. The large white oak bar is enhanced with a row of 18 bar stools to encourage revelers to saddle up to the bar and share stories with Nostalgia’s team of charming bar tenders. The tabletops in the dining room cozy up to an intimate stage where live music performances or a DJ spinning provide the soundtrack for the evening on special nights. 
Sayegh is a world-renowned chef that has gained popularity for his unique take on utilizing ancient plant medicines in modern cuisine. His company, The Herbal Chef™, has been raising the bar of cannabis food exponentially since its inception in 2013. Having studied molecular cell biology and physiology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Sayegh turned to the chemistry of food plant medicine and applies the same scientific knowledge to every item on the Nostalgia menu, which is then complemented by culinary prowess. At the same time, he’s a kid at heart.

“We created Nostalgia to bring back those care-free memories from back in the day, especially after these tough two years,” states Sayegh. “Playing board games with friends and family, sharing delicious food together, and listening to our favorite tapes and CDs. Nostalgia reminds us of the good times with a more refined food and beverage experience that diners of today, regardless if you graduated high school in 1995 or were born that same year, will appreciate and indulge.”   

Nostalgia Bar & Lounge is now open for business, located at 1326 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405. Hours of operation are Wednesday through Sunday from 3pm–2am. Daily Happy Hours are from 3-5pm. 
In celebration of the official grand opening, Santa Monica residents that show ID will receive one complimentary Nostalgia Push-Pop (with purchase) throughout the opening month of April.  There will also be a grand opening party on Thurs. April 7 starting at 8pm with live music and happy hour all night. 
Reservations can be made via the Nostalgia website or OpenTable. For more information, visit  
About Nostalgia Bar & Lounge
Nostalgia Bar & Lounge is a new American eatery and watering hole concept from the mind of Chris Sayegh and The Herbal Chef™ Team, that evokes fond memories of childhood Americana through a familiar, yet whimsically sophisticated menu and ambiance. Creature comforts from back in the day are reimagined utilizing Sayegh’s technical culinary background, paired with expertise from THC’s team- Chef and Partner Jared Ventura, Services Director Jack Goldberg, and Beverage Director Bradley Fry, to create playful New American bites and a quality bar program at Nostalgia. Guest can sip inventive CBD- and terpene-infused cocktails that draw inspiration from nostalgic delights like Otter-Pops, Orange Julius, and Capri Suns, play old-school board games like Operation and Battleship in the lounge, or kick back on the numerous picnic tables situated on the expansive outdoor patio. 
Nostalgia Bar & Lounge is located at 1326 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405.  
Hours of operation are Wednesday through Sunday from 3pm– 2am with daily Happy Hour are from 3-5pm with live entertainment on weekends. 
For more information, visit

About The Herbal Chef™
The Herbal Chef™ (THC) is the world’s premier Psychedelic Hospitality Group with a focus on destigmatizing plant medicines through modern culinary experiences. THC has spent years perfecting its ability to serve clients who want a sophisticated experience while indulging in their favorite plant medicines, as well as those who simply want to enjoy great food, beverage, and hospitality. THC provides intimate gatherings in the comfort of clients’ homes, large corporate event catering, bar services and more depending on the client’s needs.
About Chef Chris Sayegh
Chris Sayegh is the Founder and CEO of The Herbal Chef™, a leading Plant Medicine Hospitality platform with a brick-and-mortar location in Santa Monica, CA. A passionate science and biology student who turned to the chemistry of food plant medicine, Sayegh was among one of the first culinary professionals to enter the Cannabis industry and has pioneered Cannabis-Infused Fine-Dining in an effort to destigmatize and elevate the perception of marijuana and other plant medicines. He is a consultant to the National Restaurant Association, and his work launching and growing The Herbal Chef™ has been featured in GQ, Forbes, Fast Company, and on CNN, Fox News, and CBS. With the preciseness of Chris’ infusions and ongoing media stardom, he has already been able to solidify his space as the #1 Plant Medicine infusion chef in the world. 

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