Catch Me If You Can – Not The Gingerbread Man

Ensemble and Frank Jr. Beau Brians - photo by Ken Jacquezz
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By Kathy Carpenter

Frank Abagnale Jr. and Agent Carl Hanratty Beaui Brians and Berto Fernadez photo by Ken Jacques photo by Ken Jacques

San Diego Musical Theatre starts the 2022 season with “Catch Me If You Can” The Musical‘ It is entertainment Gold, mesmerizing, and fast paced. It is based on a true story, with book by Terrence McNally, lyrics by Marc Shainman & Scott Wittman, and music by Marc Shaiman. It is directed by Allison Spratt Pearce, with Musical director Richard Duenez, and choreographer Xavier J. Bush. “People only know what you tell them.” Catch me if you can.

Paul Morgavo and Andrea Petrsinger – photo by Ken Jacques
Agents – Joey Guerra, Marlon James Magtibay, Sutheshna Mani, and Berto Fernandez- photo by Ken Jacques

Frank Abagnale was a master at misdirection. Frank Abagnale Jr. learned at his feet. He became a grand master. Frank Jr. adored his mom and dad. They divorced when Frank Jr. was sixteen, it tore him apart. When the judge asked him who he wanted to live with, Frank Jr. ran. He left with nothing, tricked his way onto the bus, and made his way to New York City, soon becoming an expert at passing bad checks at will. He then moved on to bigger crimes, posing as a pilot, doctor, and lawyer in a few short years. Agent Hatratty was onto Frank Jr. from the beginning, but it was awhile before he caught up to him. Frank Jr. taunted Hatratty, and they became almost like family. Lonely comrades. Although in stories like this you are rooting for the con game to go on, you know that eventually it must end. In this case the story ends well. Frank serves his time and goes to work for the FBI as an expert. Because of his first=hand experience Frank Abagnale has worked for the FBI over forty years.

Debra Wanger, Alelaida Martinez, Beau Brians, Ted Leib – The Strong’s and Frank – Frnk’s Fiancee and Family – photo by Ken Jacques

The musical is set in the late sixties, with amazing costumes. The set was simple, with Arches that came apart and moved off, on, and about the stage, seamlessly. The songs are upbeat and fun. I am happy to see an awesome full production show once again.

Beau Brians, led the cast as Frank Abagnale Jr. flawlessly embodying his real counterpart. Brians rocked and his voice cast a spell. And, not to be out-shined, Berto Fernandez, as Hatratty, was the total package. His singing, dancing and comedic timing complimented Brians expertly. The agents, Joey Guerra, Dennis Peters, and Suthshna Mani, made excellent side men. Andrea Petsinger as Frank’s mom, so poised and charming. did a great french accent. Frank senior, the role model for his son did a masterful job. Adelaida Martinez , plays Frank’s fiancee, nailing the role as did her parents. Ted Leib and Debra Wanger. Although Brians and Fernandez could carry a show on their own. A production like this needs an ensemble. This ensemble brought the sexy, giving the show an added punch.

Girl’s and Frank Jr. = Beau Brians – photo by Ken Jacques
Ensemble and Frank Abagnale Jr. – photo by Ken Jacqqueds

San Diego Musical Theatre continues with the “You Give We Give.” program where you donate in a bucket on the way out of the theatre. The profits going to different local non profit organizations for each productions.

Agent Hanratty and endemble – Berto Fernandez – photo by Ken Jacques

This show made me smile. If you enjoy a great master of deception story, an old-fashioned production with singing and dancing, this is for you. An intimate setting SDMT has moved to a new location. From Downtown San Diego to the Clairmont area.

All Corvid pre-cautions are in place.

San Diego Musical Theatre

Catch Me If You Can the musical

Feb. 11 – March 13, 2022

Next up

In The Heights

May 6. – June 5, 2022




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