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Majestic Princess at Sea Trials
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However you want to best describe the past two years, life in the pandemic has been unkind to the cruising industry and travelers. While opinions of cruises at the moment may vary, as the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding”. Princess Cruises has not only brought cruising back, but have done so in spectacular fashion and there is no question that there is actually no better time to take a cruise than right now.

A day at the pool

If you have taken a cruise before, everything that you love about the experience is just as you remembered. If you have never taken a cruise before, you are in for more than what you are expecting. Either way, safety is probably on your mind when it comes to being on a cruise ship. With other vacations you might not be quite sure of just how safe it is, but with Princess Cruises you can be certain of just how safe the experience will be.

Late night entertainment

Once you are on your ship, the fun begins and it is up to you how much or how little you do. This is a vacation so there is nothing wrong with enjoying one of the many pools or hot tubs that allow you to optimize your relaxation level. Princess Cruises has made the pool experience one where you don’t have to do very much other than take it easy as everything is within a stones throw. There are plenty of bars in the area and if you don’t feel like getting up, the incredible staff makes their way around the deck in record time with drinks. The same goes for food, just a few steps from the pool you will find multiple food options and you can’t miss the ice cream bar. Throughout the day on the giant screen at the end of the pool you can find yourself enjoying concerts or any number of blockbuster movies. If your idea of a vacation is to unwind and take it easy, the pools are the place to be.

Balcony Dining (Courtesy Princess Cruises)

Don’t get too lost in the day, as the nightlife offers something for everyone. The Princess Theater offers you a beautiful venue that will find you being to enjoy world-class comedians, concerts as well as any number of theater productions. The rest of the ship will allow you to find an assortment of live music as well as a late night DJ. Princess Cruises does a wonderful job of allowing you to be more than a spectator, you can get involved with various trivia contests that take place every night as well as karaoke. You also can find interesting people who give talks about throughout the cruise that will take you into their world. On this specific Princess Cruise, guests were captivated multiple times by Leo Rossi who relayed incredible behind the scenes stories about his time working with Fleetwood Mac. In addition the Majestic Princess not only offers a very Las Vegas like casino, but they have added sports wagering right to the Princess app.

There is enough to keep you busy and then some, but getting to spend the day in new and adventurous cities is a big part of the reason anyone takes a cruise. The Mexican Riviera Cruise offers the opportunity for you to experience Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlán and Puerto Vallarta. Each city is special to itself, but beyond what lies within each city, you can make your experience as unique as you choose it to be. Simply walking around, enjoying the local history, restaurants and people can make for a jam packed day. The cruise can also take your experience to an unparalleled level.

Ceviche experience Mazatlán

Whether it is tours, adventures or just relaxation, Princess Cruises can help you arrange something you will never forget. For Cabo and Puerto Vallarta you have a plethora of choices from Princess Cruises. How about swimming with dolphins, taking a zip line tour through the mountains, snorkeling, or you could take a speed boat while watching whales and then visit some hidden areas of Puerto Vallarta, finishing things off with a horse ride and lunch on the beach. Historical Mazatlán has a number of great tours, beach experiences or a guided tour of the city that is finished off with ceviche making and a tequila tasting. Regardless of the port, Princess Cruises not only helps you make the most of each stop, but they make coming and going from the ship incredibly easy.

Speed Boat Tour Puerto Vallarta with some whale watching
Bar at Crown Grill (Courtesy Princess Cruises)

One of the joys of cruising is the food and drink that is everywhere on the ship. The list of restaurants is so long, it is a challenge to get them all in. You honestly can’t go wrong wherever you dine as Princess Cruises clearly takes pride in every dish that they serve. There are a few restaurants that have a nominal extra fee to dine at and they are without question worth it. The Crown Grill should be at the top of your list as this is a classic and beautiful steakhouse that serves premium aged beef and fresh seafood items. In terms of a buffet experience from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. you can take yourself to the World Fresh Marketplace and you going to have so many choices your head is going to spin. One of the most popular dining spots whether or not you are sitting at the pool is Chopsticks Noodle Bar that has unique choices every day of the cruise and each one will wow you with their flavors. That is just touching on the food, as the best way to experience it all is simply to try a new restaurant every day until you hit them all. Finally we need to touch on the beverage part and the bars are not only beautiful, but the bartenders are masters of mixology. On this cruise if you were lucky you were served a cocktail by Stefan who not only could make any number of unique cocktails and to perfection, he always was there to give a history lesson on certain drinks as well as a demonstration. That really sums up the staff on the Majestic Princess, always doing everything to make sure the guests have the ultimate vacation.

Good Times Bar with Stefan

Outdoor Basketball Court

Guests must have received their final dose of an authorized COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days before the beginning of the cruise and provide acceptable proof at terminal check-in and in addition if you are sailing from the United States guests must provide proof at terminal check-in of a negative viral COVID-19 test (PCR or antigen) taken within two days of embarkation. To make things touch free so you feel even better about your cleanliness and safety, Princess Cruises will give you a Medallion to wear throughout your cruise. You just tap that medallion anywhere you need to do, buy or go and with that tap you are done.

Fitness Center (Courtesy Princess Cruises)

The Cruise is back and if you are reading this you are lucky not everyone knows it. There is probably never going to be a better time to take a cruise in your lifetime and even the staff acknowledges it. With a less than capacity ship you are getting even more attention that regular stellar service. If you haven’t taken a cruise in a while or never have, you are missing out. It is easy to say something could be a great vacation but to encompass an everything for everyone vacation, well the only way to do that is on a cruise. You can go at a snail’s pace or you go 100 miles per hour and everything in between. Princess Cruises is a vacation that you have been longing for and will not disappoint.

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