Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar – The Classic Italian Las Vegas Restaurant

Ferraro's Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar Interior (Courtesy The Vox Agency)
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The list of reasons to visit Las Vegas is long, but at the top of every list has to be what has become a world-class lineup of restaurants. Restaurants come and go, so longevity in Las Vegas is earned and no one has done it better than Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar.

Set a few minutes off of the Las Vegas strip, Ferraro’s is without question worth a short drive or cab ride to experience what fine Italian dining is meant to be. A beautiful and elegant restaurant, you can enjoy it as a romantic evening out or bring a group of friends and choose from their unique and private dining settings throughout the restaurant.

Rigatoni alla Spilinga (Courtesy The Vox Agency)

You don’t stick around in Las Vegas for over 35 years just because of ambiance. The Ferraro family brought their Southern Italian heritage into the menu, making sure that you get a taste of that authentic Italian dining experience every visit. The Italian recipes are one thing, but it is the care that is taken in cultivating and preparing the ingredients that sets Ferraro’s apart. The pasta is always fresh and hand-rolled, they use farm-fresh produce, wild-caught fish, and they always have a changing menu to keep within using the best seasonal ingredients.

Branzino (Courtesy The Vox Agency)

Ferraro’s pasta is simply a fresh and delicate delight, no matter what dish you choose and if you just ordered pasta with some olive oil, you would leave a happy person. The dish that truly highlights fresh pasta and a plethora of flavors is the Rigatoni alla Spilinga. The rigatoni is wonderful and cooked perfectly as it holds up to all the ingredients. The highlight of the dish though has to be the house made spicy sausage that is just rich and flavorful. You can taste the unique Italian flavors that make the sausage bring that subtle bit of heat to each bite and then layered throughout is caciocavallo cheese. Seemingly if you ask anyone who has dined at Ferraro’s, the Coniglio Brasato is a must, and they would be right. The dish is centered around braised rabbit on top of soft polenta and roasted mushrooms. The rabbit is fall off the bone tender and has a delightful subtle flavor to it. If you haven’t tried rabbit or had a bad experience, this will certainly change your view as it leave to never order chicken again.

The remaining menu leaves you with just too many tasty options. Some of the highlights include: Lombata Milanese, a pounded Butcher Block Reserve veal chop, the Trippa Satriano, slow braised honeycomb beef stomach lining in a spicy tomato sauce and Ferraro’s has a wonderful Branzino on the menu as well. Try to save room after all these rich dishes that will have you running for a nap, as dessert is a must. Ferraro’s offers a wonderful version of the clasic Tiramisu, but the crepes are the way to go to finish off your dining experience. A great dish to share, the delicate and still warm crepe is filled with nutella, mascarpone cheese and topped with vanilla ice cream. This is 100% dessert and you will be fighting for the last bite.

Ferraro’s also has that more personal touch than what you expect to find from restaurants that are located on resort properties. Ferraro’s throughout the year offer special dinners that will be focused around seasonal truffles or you can experience monthly “Taste & Learn” wine-tasting dinners. Whether it is a wine pairing dinner or just trying to enjoy something unique with dinner, you will be hard-pressed to find a better wine selection in all of Las Vegas. The list can be daunting, but the Sommelier service is seemingly flawless and will offer up choices to go with your dish and liking that will sure to appease you.

Las Vegas is known mainly for the “Strip”, but you are limiting yourself if that is your only view of the area. There is a wonderful world of experiences if you are willing to just go a few miles away and nothing defines that opportunity better than Ferraro’s. Everything that you would want in a fine dining Las Vegas experience is at Ferraro’s and the one guarantee is that after one visit, you will make reservations on your next trip and every one after that.

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