Tinos Villages review – My Boho Getaway!

Tinos Villages
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This September, I decided to visit one of my favorite islands in Cyclades called Tinos. Tinos in the past was also called Hydrussa from the number of its springs, and Ophiussa because it abounded in snakes​. A distinct characteristic of the island nowadays is its Evangelistria church, a building of unique beauty and tradition, where many people from all around the world visit, in order to pray for a miracle that most of the times happens!

In Tinos, I decided to stay at a beautiful new hotel called Tinos Villages. Located on the north-east coast of this Cycladic island, this magnificent private jewel, with its boho vibes, gave us all the tranquility we desired. From our window, we could enjoy the view of the two neighboring islands, Mykonos that everyone knows and Dilos, the place of Apollo and Artemis birth, an island which is inscribed by UNESCO on the World Heritage List.

Our rooms were a junior suite and a cozy double room. Both of them so stylish, equipped with modern furniture, from sustainably harvested wood, in an award-winning concept and a king size bed with a handmade COCO-MAT mattress, made of coco fibers. My favorite thing inside, though, were the embroidered macramé wall embellishments from pure rope. Thankfully, internet was working perfectly, which sometimes maybe a slight “thing” for the islands. The earthy toned bathroom was supplied with Apivita cleaning & beauty products of amazing aromas.

Every morning we woke up, we had delicious breakfast delivered to our rooms, on a big eco conscious wooden tray, full of locally produced stuff. Homemade marmalade, raw honey, freshly baked bread, tasty milk and lots of fruit and yoghurt were the absolute healthy meal we craved for. Our personal waiter was a very sweet guy, modest and discreet assisting us at all times.

The main entrance of the reception and its magnificent exterior architecture was another plus for this boutique hotel. But the most amazing thing ever, was the alluring gardens that captivated our eye sight. What is more, for me, parking is essential whenever I travel, since I always take my car with me and at Tinos Villages that was well provided, as well.

Prepare yourself to be enchanted by Tinos and especially Tinos Villages you all!

Photos: Courtecy of the hotel

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