Treat Trends: Predicting Hot Consumer Products of 2022

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With market trends coming and going at all times, it’s always fun to stay on top of what’s newly popular. And whether in food, drinks or other satisfying everyday products, there’s plenty to keep an eye on for the year ahead. Of course, some trends might surprise us as well! But at this stage, here are some picks for the hot products you’ll be seeing a lot of in the coming months.

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  1. Coffee for Anywhere

Coffee lovers will be excited to know about a new, fast, and convenient way to get that fix of morning Joe. Products like Instabrew are different than old-school instant coffee. They basically provide you with cubes of coffee that dissolve into hot water –– meaning you can make a cup basically anywhere. The coffee is made with all-natural, 100% Columbian coffee that’s free of chemicals and preservatives. It can be ordered decaffeinated if you like, and it comes in a variety of flavors too (including hazelnut, cappuccino, caramel, and light roast). Given this convenience and variety, suffice it to say we expect to be seeing more of this stuff.

  1. Healthy Chips

Cauliflower is an extremely healthy vegetable loaded with antioxidants. Did you ever imagine it would be turned into a potato chip? Well, take a look at Real Food From The Ground Up –– a cauliflower potato chip brand that uses gluten-free cassava flour to produce a low-fat, veggie-based alternative to “normal” chips. And by veggie, we mean that it contains spinach, carrot, tomato, broccoli, and beets (and shiitake mushrooms). This particular product is just one example, but it speaks to an emerging trend of legitimately healthy chip alternatives.

  1. Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine pouches are small, soft capsules placed in the upper lip to satisfy nicotine cravings, and they’re poised to take over from past tobacco-free nicotine options –– largely because there’s a flavor aspect to them. Flavors like mint and cinnamon are already available, and the market is still at a fairly young stage –– meaning more options are sure to come. While we can’t say for sure what those options will be, Prilla predicted in a recent post that flavors like hot chocolate, peanut butter, and coconut could (or at least should) be on the way. Through these kinds of options, pouches are making alternative nicotine more appealing than it’s been in the past, providing a new avenue for smokers that’s actually fun. Expect them to become trendier in the near future.

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  1. Fruit in New Forms

If you’re leading a busy life, it’s not always easy to get fresh fruits. For this simple reason, fruit in alternative forms –– like healthy gummiest or dried snacks –– is on the rise. If you like mangos for instance, try Solely Organic Whole Fruit Gummies. These healthy fruit snacks are made from natural sweet organic mangoes. There is no glucose syrup, gelatin or artificial ingredient infusion, ultimately making them simple, healthy and tasty. They make for a great on-the-go snack, and as with the cauliflower chip option mentioned above, they’re just one of many possibilities in the emerging space of what we might call alternative natural fruit.

  1. Beer (Without Alcohol)

With many people trying to live a healthier lifestyle, you may be surprised to find this one on our list. Don’t fret –– we are talking about the rising trend of non-alcoholic beer! According to Paste Magazine, non-alcoholic brews increased 38% in 2020. This trend has been led by craft breweries and major brands like Heineken alike, and there’s no reason to expect it to slow down. It turns out, people enjoy participation in a round of beers without necessarily “drinking” in the traditional sense.

  1. Vitamin Gum and Mints

As work and social gatherings resume, so too has the consumption of gum and mints. And to meet the demands of the market, some the big brands are launching new products. Mentos, for instance, is launching a healthy “gum with vitamins” in the first quarter of 2022 –– kicking off, we suspect, a new run of health-oriented gum and mints. Then again, there’s also something to be said for simply producing fun new flavors, too. To that end, Tic Tac recently put out its Big Berry Adventure, which is a flavorful blend of blueberry and raspberry mints. And why stop there?

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