Season 4 Of The Simonetta Lein Show To Launch On September 20, 2021

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Model, TV Host and Influencer Simonetta Lein is set to launch the 4th season of her hit talk program “The Simonetta Lein Show.” With an incredible social media following that is over 5.2 million people strong, Simonetta Lein is one of the biggest influencers in the world. The Simonetta Lein show was just named #16 of the top webshows in the world which includes  tv, radio, and podcasts  by The Hollywood Digest, out of over 2 million shows globally. We had the chance to speak to Simonetta Lein about her career, her show and what to expect in the future.

Fans of The Simonetta Lein Show are super excited about the upcoming 4th season… have amassed hundreds of millions of views since launching the show, why do you think the show appeals to so many people? 

The show has the ability to resonate with such a large range and wide variety of fans that continue to grow, as it never truly targets a single audience. The Simonetta Lein Show’s motto is, “asking the questions that really matter”. The show strives to pull the realest and most relatable story out of any guest. So, not only has the wide variety of celebrities served us well in growing fanbases, but it continues to bring to light, the answers fans really want to know. 

What can your viewers expect to see in Season 4?

With every season of The Simonetta Lein Show, guests and stories continue to get bigger and better. The Simonetta Lein Show just closed its third season, showcasing some of the biggest names it has ever hosted, including Ceelo Green, “The Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro, Steve-O, and Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, just to name a few. As the show approaches season 4, it prepares to showcase even more stars and their stories, premiering with artist and reality tv star, Blac Chyna, renowned American actor, Eric Roberts, and legendary comedian, Tom Arnold. Each, with some of the most heartfelt and down to earth stories of their own. 

Your show is recognized as the number one short form show on the planet, with a community driven focus and human element, it seems that social change is at the core of everything you do. Is that done on purpose? 

Absolutely, just look at the title. The show was built around the foundations of my entire career. I am a woman who has devoted her entire career and platform to social change and striving for true human connection, especially through the charity I founded, The Wishwall Foundation. It was one of the very reasons I wanted to create a show in the first place, to bring an element of reality to celebrity talk shows, not to have people on and publicize their new book or movie. Every interview is written with the initiative to truly connect audiences with the stars they idolize. Building community is also everything, which is why the show founded its highly anticipated Game Changing Entrepreneur Panels, with plans to grow this project into the 4th season as well.

Because of the incredible success of The Simonetta Lein Show, are you still able to pursue your modeling career, or have you had to put it on the backburner? 

Quite the opposite. If anything, the success of the show has opened even more opportunities for my modeling career. Multiple editorials I previously never had the pleasure of working with have been reaching out upon the success of each new season. In all honestly, I enjoy my modeling career even more, as with each picture an even deeper story can be told while I continue to grow my project and collaborate with legends across a multitude of industries. Just this last year I did over a dozen different shoots, many of which were centered around my show!

Since we are experiencing the new norm, has it affected the way people watch television, fashion and charities like your charity The Wishwall Foundation? 

If anything, I think the new norm has done an amazing job of bringing to light what is real and what is fake in this world. With that, I think many people have woken up and no longer want to be fed fake stories or fairytales. People strive for what is real and what is genuine, especially when it comes to content. Audiences no longer respond to the clean and polished traditions of Hollywood. They want to see a story or hardship they can really relate to. Further, I think the tragedy we have all witnessed these past years have sparked an urge in us all to reinvest into our communities and want to give back more than ever. I know I have missed just seeing people smile. 

Do you think the influencer market has grown since the pandemic? 

Of course. While the pandemic sadly pushed people into their homes, it definitely allowed for them to reflect on their true passions and values. While we were all separated, I truly believe it was a time that opened many peoples eyes to what they truly wanted to share with the world. Combine that with the entire world of socialization going virtual and influencers are bound to increase in numbers. This is actually something that has really inspired me throughout the pandemic, seeing people turn an unfortunate situation into an opportunity to create and inspire the community around them. Although tragic, I feel it brought out some of the most beautiful and realest aspects of what it means to be human. 

What is new for Simonetta in 2022 and beyond?

I plan to continue to grow as a person, to continue to create and share with the world around me, and especially to continue to give back and contribute to the communities around me and share content with my amazing fans. With The Simonetta Lein Show, I hope to keep discovering the questions that truly matter, flourish in the fashion industry as a leading influencer, and enjoy the company and support of my amazing team, who have stuck with me through countless seasons and projects. Always strive to surround yourself with good people and continue to be the light you want to see in the world. If we are all lucky, hopefully audiences will even begin to see me meet some celebrity guests in person!

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