Sculptery – The Original Wood and Ice Body Sculpting Specialist to the Stars

Photo Credit: Dimitry Loiseau
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Have you ever wondered how celebrities get their sculpted figures? It’s not all gym and dieting, but instead, a hidden Beverly Hills gem known as SCULPTERY; a lymphatic massage and body contouring spa, made famous by its owner Sarah Elazis. 

Photo Courtesy of Sculptery

Thanks to Sarah Elizaz, the self proclaimed Madam Snatched, can get you feeling like a brand new you in no time! Sarah owns and runs Sculptery, unmitigated body sculpting here in Los Angeles. She is the original wood & ice body sculpting specialist to the stars. It is a safe, needleless approach that is gaining attention from everyday people and celebrities alike! 

Celeb fans include: Jordin Sparks, Jojo, Telli Swift, Khadeen, Stassie, Mirtha Michelle, Blac Chyna, Karen Civil, Lisa Raye, Jazmine Brown, Zena Foster, Nicole Williams, Chloe Flower, Angela Simmons, Vanessa Simmons, Lyrica Anderson, Modson, Jessica Rich, Nikki Baby, Olivia Pierson, Raja Kumarai.

Photo Credit: Dimitry Loiseau

Sarah became well versed in the art of body sculpting through her own tough journey after gaining 70 pounds. She researched non-invasive beauty treatments that would help with weight loss and came across wood therapy. After one treatment, Sarah was underwhelmed. Convinced there had to be a better method, she started training in several body sculpting methods. NOW, with over fifteen certifications dedicated to her craft from master trainers with medical experience in locations like Colombia, Brazil, Thailand and more, she is proving herself to be an unstoppable force. Sarah’s motto: “You can’t beat the person who refuses to give up.”

Whether you found yourself out of shape post quarantine or are you looking to shed the excess baggage? Celebrity or not, a must for anyone looking to maintain a lifted bum, a snatched hourglass waist, all while looking to boost their wellness routine; all in under 45min per session!


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