Alpha Rift Review – A Hero’s Journey

The Ultimate Battle for Good and Evil in ALPHA RIFT - Photo courtesy of Dan Lantz
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Premiering on 8/31/21 at the prestigious “Dances with Films” festival in Los Angeles, ALPHA RIFT is based on writer/director Dan Lantz’s story of an average man fated to hold a secret demon at bay – swords and sorcery at the ready. A film project twenty years in the planning explores a legend of modern-day knights fighting supernatural evil – and it isn’t even a Marvel special! To quote Lantz about his film: “We’re thrilled to not only be able to share our film with audiences at this celebrated event, but to be able to do so in real life again rather than at home.” This medieval/modern tale of good and evil sets Everyman against both the villain and himself as he struggles to prevent change – and embrace it.

Aaron Dalla Villa – Photo courtesy of Dan Lantz

Footloose and fancy-free teen Nolan Parthmore (Aaron Dalla Villa) is merrily running a game store, a calling which gives him the chance to play hero with fans of the game world. What could be more fun than doing what he loves – with no real obligations or issues? And then the real world strikes, and destiny comes calling. It seems his father, who died a long time ago, was one of “the Noblemen,” a company of superheroes guarding the world against “The Devil’s Apostles,” a troop of demons who escaped from Hell to plague earth. Nolan’s part in all this? Through his father, he’s in the direct bloodline of the Noblemen – and may be slated to face off with an especially malevolent demon called Lord Dragsmere (Philip N. Williams), a devil who holds a grudge against Nolan’s father after evil lost their battle and he was imprisoned in a magical green egg for the past decade. And now Dragsmere is out and wants his revenge.

Philip N. Williams – Photo courtesy of Dan Lantz

When lead Nobleman Corbin (Lance Henriksen) discovers that the devils are back again, he realizes that he must turn to Nolan, who has that special connection with the worst fiend of all. But Nolan isn’t ready to give up the fun and games he’s created in his own little world – even if Corbin gifts him with a special armored suit and a mystical helmet. And then there’s the Alpha Rift, a crack in the universe which can consume the evil-doers – but Nolan may never be ready to face that final battle. After all, he’s just a regular guy.

Rachel Nielsen and Aaron Dalla Villa – Photo courtesy of Dan Lantz

In an era of comic book champions and fairy tale heroes, ALPHA RIFT fits comfortably right into this special niche. The film will appeal easily to all those avid gamers and video addicts out there, especially the adolescent crowd. The battle between good and evil has long been a favorite of story-tellers, and this tale has all the elements which intrigue and excite: reluctant but secretly gifted hero, pretty and supportive heroine, evil doers without conscience, archetypes galore, magic and sorcery, and impossible odds. Who could ask for more?

Aaron Dalla Villa, Lance Henriksen, and Graham Wolfe – Photo courtesy of Dan Lantz

ALPHA RIFT debuts on August 31, 2021 at the TCL Chinese Theatre, 6925 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028. The English-language film runs for 94 minutes with a rating of PG-13. The film’s D20 rap music video has over 71,000 views and counting. You can enjoy the video online.


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