A Traveler’s Handbook For Renting A Vacation Home

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Regardless of the availability of different types of accommodation options, vacation homes are the ultimate favorite of most travelers. Owing to the privacy and safety they proffer, people consider them a perfect getaway for a vacation. 

But finding a perfect vacation home is not a cakewalk. You might fail to pick what’s ideal for you or couldn’t figure out where to start in the first place. Hence, to make it easy for you, we have shared some easy and effective tips to help you find your perfect vacation home. 

Here is your handbook for renting a vacation home. 

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Start early

Planning, researching, and hunting take a while. You can’t expect to find an ideal vacation rental home on short notice, especially during peak season. As vacation rental properties book in a flash, staying one step ahead is necessary. To ensure that you get what you want, begin planning and researching at least five months in advance.

Start with finalizing the location and the timing of your vacation. Next, look for the options available in that area. Make sure you explore all the options. For instance, if you are planning a vacation to Milwaukee, check all the rental houses, cottages, and apartments in Milwaukee WI, and then shortlist the options.  

You can consider reaching out to a real estate agent for the same. If you are looking for some expert analysis and up to minute listings, eXp Realty offers the information that is timely and accurate to help you make the best real estate decisions.

Read the contract 

Most people overlook the importance of reading the whole contract. After finding the property they want, they readily book it without even glancing at the document. However, it is a big mistake. 

A contract doesn’t just outline the tariff but also specifies your liabilities if you damage something. It also specifies the cost of internet, utility bills, phone services, gas, cable, housekeeping, air conditioning, and heating. 

Furthermore, understand the policies regarding subleasing and pets. Knowing every aspect of the contract before renting the vacation home is crucial to having a great holiday experience. 

Consider the deposits 

Seasonal rental owners demand an upfront security deposit. If you are on a tight budget, this factor might affect your vacation plan. Hence, make sure you understand this aspect before booking the vacation rental. 

Talk to the vacation rental owner in detail about it. Apart from knowing how much to deposit, you should also know the process of getting the deposit back and the factors that can influence it (for instance, any damage to the property, an unclean home, etc.). 

Understand about the housekeeping 

Different rental properties have different rules regarding housekeeping. Some properties provide regular housekeeping service, while some have their cleaners clean the property on the last day. 

Understand the housekeeping schedule before booking it. Moreover, understand the billing policies for the same. 

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Document any damage

The person renting the apartment is held accountable for any damage. To ensure that you don’t pay for something you didn’t do, take cognizance of the property on the very first day and draw the attention of the owner to the existing issues. 

Click pictures of the existing problems, such as broken handles or knobs, etc. Make sure every damage is documented before you move to the vacation rental. 

Always negotiate 

Do not hesitate in negotiating the cost of the vacation rental property. You can negotiate the deposit, as well as the rent of the property. You can also try adding some extra days or weeks to your stay to derive the worth of what you are paying. 

The owner of the property might not entertain negotiation, but there is no harm in trying once. 

The bottom line 

Renting a vacation rental property can be a great experience only if you know these ins and outs. With these easy tips, you can have a fulfilling experience without having to encounter any stressful situation during your stay. 


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