I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change Review – Modern Day Relationships?

A Stud and A Babe - David and Cassiopeia Guthrie - photo by Brooke Aliceon
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By Kathy Carpenter

photo courtesy of Patio Playhouse
Theatre review for I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change at Kit Carson Park.

Patio Playhouse at Kit Carson Amphitheater presents “I Love you, You’re Perfect, Now Change,” Bringing fun back to the theater. After 18 months of forced restrainment, we can at least for now, enjoy live community theatre.  Book and lyrics by Joe Dipietro, and muse by Jimmy Roberts,  director Kristen Fogle adds her magic to the light-minded romp. Fun that hits home.

Let me set the stage, a beautiful late summer night, under the moon. You get out of the hot stuffy house into the refreshing night air with a light sweater in case of a minor cool off. You are surrounded by other actual people, voices and laughter. The ambience is peaceful, the perfect end of summer relaxation you need.

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, is, and this dates me a “Love American Style,” type play  with 17 different modern relationship skits. Dealing with multi aspects of human companionship,  each skit has a cute title displayed on the backdrop curtain while scene is being set, simple sets which move in and out, with regular clothes serving as the costumes in these modern day tales.

Whatever Happened to Baby’s Parents? Cassiopeia Guthrie, David Guthrie and Brandon Throckmorton
Photo by Brookr Aliceon

My favorite scene was “What ever happened to baby’s parent?”  I’ve always spent a lot of time with babies, toddlers, and young kids. You forget what it’s like to be with adults. Although in my case instead of talking baby talk to adults, I talk to the kids the same as I would talk to an adult. I also enjoyed “Men Who Talk and the Woman Who Pretend They are Listening’. But every skit is funny and something is sure to hit home.

This show makes you laugh and we all need that after what we has been through. We need fun, laughter, and connection with others even if it is just watching the same show with others present. The actors feed off the audience energy, and It’s something they have been craving.

Being Covid safe, the show only features four actors, two husband and wife teams. The Four actors have tremendous talent and take on so many characters and they also sing. The woman’s voices were on fire. I loved the voice of Cassiopeia Guthrie, absolutely beautiful, and my sister loved the voice of Amy Throckmorton. The men,  David Guthrie, and Brandon Throckmorton, were strong actors.

Brandon Throckmorton and Amy Throckmorton, photo by Matt Fitzgerald

The three piece orchestra played flawlessly from the background onstage. Jerrica Ignacio, plays keyboard, Tyler Buu plays the drum, and Stuart Holmes plays the reed. These are a couple of instruments not normally found in a theatre band,

It’s time to get back out in the world and enjoy yourself while it is possible, and this is the perfect opportunity, Theatre in the fresh outdoors.

Although Patio playhouse generally does family theatre at Kit Carson Amphitheater, this is definitely not a show for kids. Leave them at home and enjoy a date night.

And Now The Parents – Brandon Throckmorton, David Guthrie, Cassiopeia Guthrie, and Amy Throckmorton. Photo by Brooke Aliceon

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

The show runs August 27 – September11, 2021

Patio Playhouse

Kit Carson Amphitheater




With the next show Patio
Playhouse returns indoors for a full season with a full season line-up.

When We Were Young and Unafraid

October 8-31 ,2021


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