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Charging an electric car
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When I needed an electrician to install an outlet so that I could plug in my new electric car, I asked for recommendations from “nextdoor”.  I was anxious to be able to charge the car and called several electricians, hoping that I could arrange for someone to come soon.  And, luckily, I contacted Martin at Northwest Electric System, Inc. He completed the job almost immediately and I have been happily charging the car and enjoying it ever since.

I did not set out to purchase an electric car or any car.  I was quite happy driving my 2014 Nissan Sentra until the day  my car was totaled. Gratefully, my passenger and I walked away without injury.  It was very strange that a motorcycle, (whose driver had been thrown or jumped off the motorcycle when the brakes froze) now with no driver was on its side with the motor on, moving across the road and then back again until it was in front of my car, and suddenly increased its speed, hitting my car head on.  Thus, began my search for a replacement car.  I looked at and tried many cars and finally decided to take the plunge, purchasing an all-electric car, a Chevy Bolt.

Martin efficiently set up a simple “charging station” that works well, and I am enjoying the car. I was curious about how Northwest Electric System began and how it is set up and Martin agreed to a Q&A.


When did you open Northwest Electric System?


 In 2008

Martin of Northwest Electric System, Inc.

What inspired you to open your business?

I am passionate about my profession.  I like being an electrician because it requires contact with people and helping them with their electrical needs. I like the fact that every day I work somewhere else and I solve different electrical issues  I provide any kind of electrical work but I specialize in standby generators so I get really excited when I get a call regarding a generator. 

Is this your first business?


Do you have any partners?

 No, I am my only employee.

Creating a new space for charging

What is the area that you serve?

 I serve customer on the Northshore and  throughout Chicagoland.

Do you do both commercial and private homes?

Yes, I am licensed and I have commercial and residential clients 

Checking to see that it works

Do you have any unusual stories you would like to share?

One day I was supposed to show up at my client’s house but instead, I mistakenly went to a different client that lived on the same street. It was kind of funny because when I knocked on the door, the owner was surprised to see me, but also really happy because he was having a problem with the light switch that morning and I solved that within 10 minutes. 

Is there anything else you would like to share with Splash Magazine Worldwide readers?

Being an electrician is a rewarding job.  Every day brings something special and it never gets boring. However, the best part about my career is when customers  call me back because they are satisfied with my work. I appreciate that they put  their trust in my services.

Securely in place

Photos: B. Keer

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