Matchacita Review – Chicago’s First Matcha-Focused Cafe

Matchacita co-owners, Bianca Pearson and Zach Segal
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Matchacita, Chicago’s first matcha-focused café, just announced its grand opening at 705 W. Belden Ave. in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. Founded and co-owned by Bianca Pearson, Matchacita is a dual-branded partnership with the recently opened health-conscious eatery Squeez Juice Bar, founded by Zach Segal.

Matchacita drinks (Photo curtesy of Matchacita)

Segal and Pearson, were both a delight to meet, and very accommodating. When my guest and I visited Matchacita. I wanted to see what the buzz was about with Chicago’s first anticipated matcha bar. They both delivered! They had an incredible knowledge of matcha, and explained the reasoning behind the other ingredients they used for their creative and innovative menu. 

Squeez the day!

Matchacita is an exclusive concept to Chicago and offers a full menu of lattes, specialty drinks and pastries, that boast superfoods such as antioxidants and all the benefits of matcha. 

“Matchacita, a play on ‘mamacita,’ is a brand I’ve been envisioning for a while,” said Bianca Pearson, Founder and Co-Owner of Matchacita. “I saw an opportunity to bring a fully matcha-fied menu to Chicago, where people could enjoy a delicious drink, grab a bite and snap a selfie in a one-of-a-kind café.”

Lavender Matcha and Ginger Turmeric topped with a matcha shot
(Photo curtesy of Matchacita)

Pearson, who brings more than a decade of experience in the hospitality industry to Matchacita, met Segal while working at Joy District, where they vowed to go into business together when the time was right. The partners knew the Squeez Lincoln Park location was the perfect space for their creative venture. With a keen eye for design, Pearson brings an Instagram-worthy, tropical vibe to the Matchacita brand joining Squeez Juice Bar.

Matchacita at Squeez Juice Bar
OG Matcha (Just the basics – matcha, aqua, lemon) (Photo curtesy of Matchacita)

Matchacita is a perfect foodie destination for matcha enthusiasts, where customers can enjoy classic lattes such as the Charcoal Matcha with activated charcoal and sprinkled with edible flower petals, a Lavender Matcha and Ginger Turmeric topped with a matcha shot. You can also add an espresso shot to make the drink “dirty,” or include lucky charms, CBD oil or collagen “glitter” to your latte. 

The drinks at Matchacita are not only beautiful looking with lovely calming colors of green, purple, blue, cream and pink, but they taste like they are from a dream. The aromas and flavors from the matcha used and others like lavender and turmeric, make the gorgeous and creatively blended concoctions a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. 

Matcha lattes and delicious macaroons available at Matchacita (Photo curtesy of Matchacita)

I ordered the Purple Haze Latte, which was infused with CBD, lavender, matcha and oat milk, which I had never tasted before. The result was a creamy, iced wave of calmness and heavenly tranquility, which I did my best not to slurp too quickly. My guest had the Matcha Horchata, which was a clever take on the traditional horchata drink, composed of cinnamon, vanilla, almond milk, and of course, matcha. He found it very comforting and refreshing. 

Other exciting and creative menu options include the Lavender Iced Tea swirled with lavender syrup and Yuzu Lemonade with or without matcha. There is also the Pink Latte, a blend of pitaya, strawberry syrup and choice of milk, stenciled “LIVIN LA VIDA MATCHA” on top.

Matcha waffle with blueberries, strawberries, cocoa nibs and maple syrup

Have your matcha and eat it too with Matcha Waffles! Signature dishes like Avocado Lox and Strawberry Nutella Toast, plus an array of glow-boosting smoothies from Pitaya to Blackberry are available to order. 

My guest and I were the very first lucky individuals to get to sample the new matcha waffles. The waffle was a beautiful light green masterpiece, both in flavor and appearance. It was warm and came straight from the waffle iron, topped with blueberries, strawberries and maple syrup. The cocoa nibs gave it a nice crunch, while the matcha balanced out the sweetness from the syrup. 

Matchacita homemade macaroons

Besides the waffle, Matchacita offers a variety of other eats such as delicious homemade macarons (strawberry basil, fruity pebbles, lavender and chocolate birthday cake), mini gluten-free loaves (banana bread and blueberry lemon), jams, oatmeal, as well as CBD products for humans like gummies and dog treats. 

Offered CBD products at Matchacita
Schroeder’s Farm Stand Jams and Jelly’s

When our wonderful visit was over, I left Matchacita knowing that this would not be my only visit. Make sure to stop by this heavenly oasis of matcha and I guarantee that you will have an experience to the nines!

*Photos by Jennifer Lunz unless otherwise noted. 

Matchacita is open for pickup and delivery (within a five-mile radius) Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

For hours and ordering via pickup or delivery, visit Matchacita online or call 312-513-9302.


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