Wendy Stuart Kaplan – Affecting Positive Change With Fun and Laughter In The Entertainment Industry

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Wendy Stuart Kaplan is a superstar in her own right. Aside from being a model, author, producer, advocate, and newly renovated chef, she is a triumphant and successful host of a brand-new show, “If These Walls Could Talk.” The show allows everyone from legends of rock to comedians, actors, actresses and artists to express themselves and answer intimate questions with Wendy and cohost Tym Moss. 

Wendy is funny, beautiful and vibrant. People love her as she makes the world easier to live in and certainly more fun……

How is your new show “If These Walls Could Talk” Going?

It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a podcast and more. Let’s start with my co-host Tym Moss. Great sense of humor, a very insightful interviewer, and spiritually coming from the same place I am. 

keThe guests have been incredible. From the music world, like Scott Page, Leland Sklar, Ian Guerin, Rocky Kramer, Andrew Cole, The FM’s, Kenny Aronoff, Kenny Olson, Kenny Wilkinson “Rockin Recipes for Autism”, Kenny Lee Lewis, John Robb “Louder Than War” and a range of personalities, like Howard Bloom, author and speaker, mega manager John Velasco,  Sherry Nelson Maxim Cover Girl, Actor Steve Hamm, Diane Steinberg Lewis the original “Lucy in the Sky” producer and Philanthropist Soho Johnny, Host Mickey Burns, Drag Star Sherry Vine, Journalist Michael Musto, what an incredible range of people to interview! 

I have a blast interviewing so many different kinds of people each week, learning about them and doing research about their fascinating lives. I truly feel blessed to be doing this show. And shooting it on location at Pangea, the restaurant and performance space on the lower eastside that has supported performance artists, musicians, and cabaret for so many years, it feels so right broadcasting there and bringing that flow of energy to that space to support them in what has been a very challenging time. 

For “If These Walls Could Talk” and actually any show that you do what do you look for in a guest? 

What I love about all of the guests on this show is that they have compelling stories and we are able to create authentic conversations by the questions we ask. As an interviewer, I always try to approach a person in an empathetic way and that is reflected by going as deep as they are comfortable with. It’s about that person sharing their story, the ups and downs, the successes, the failures.

I believe what makes a person interesting is all of those components. I always want to keep it real to bring out the truth, as if we were all sitting down having a beer. I want my guests to be comfortable, and I will do everything to make that happen. I remember Kenny Aronoff sharing a story about why he taught himself to play with his left hand even though he is right-handed.  Or Howard Bloom growing up and feeling so different and why. These stories are highly personal and gold to me.

Now that things are opening up in New York and actually all over do you have any plans aside from all the things that you already do? 

Yes! I always have plans! I want to roll my shows out now with distributors on a range of platforms. Everyone says they are looking for content these days. Well I’ve got content and then some! Besides my three shows, I am letting people know that I am interested in interviewing and co-hosting on their projects as well.  I had started producing club events before the Pandemic and am hoping to pick that up again. I will be auditioning for film and TV projects as more and more are out there. I have a lot of pots on the fire. I may need to get a bigger stove! I am seeking comedic acting roles as production gets rolling again!

You have been doing your show Pandemic Cooking for a while now, have you learned to cook?

I knew you were going to ask me that! Yes I have! I’m actually cooking and finding it incredibly creative and lately I’ve been having guest chefs on the show, and cooking together! Actually, I have them do a lot of the chopping, mincing and whisking since I don’t like doing any of that!  Also, I really enjoy playing off the dynamic relationship of cooking with someone. You can tell a lot about a person when you cook with them!

You are a brand new crayon color in a box of 64 crayons. What color are you and why, but remember you are inventing a new color! Surprise!

I am actually out of the box! I’m a bonus crayon attached on the outside because I didn’t fit in the box of 64. There just wasn’t room, so I needed my own personal space. And my color is Rainbow! I am a blend and when you draw with me you never know what color will come out on the paper! Also, my Rainbow crayon is speckled with sparkles. Wow this is a major metaphor!

How will you save the world? 

I have learned I can’t save the world, but I can affect one person at a time which in turn will change their situation for the better.  Whether it be making films about saving gorillas and chimpanzees, or speaking out on podcasts to raise awareness, or calling attention to major LGBTQ  equality issues in my show TriVersity Talk, if I am able to enlighten, entertain and raise awareness that will affect an individual perception which overall can affect a group, I am happy. I learned I cannot “save the world” but as a communicator I can certainly affect it. I speak out continually about conservation, climate change, humanitarian rights.  I now have my own podcasting platforms to do it on as well as any show I guest on. I will affect things in the world through these platforms and my own personal acts.

What makes you vulnerable?

My empathy, my awareness, often makes me feel deeper, and see in a different way than many. I can honestly say this because many times people will ask “how did you know this?” Because the way I see things is often the end result. Oh, this is sounding so esoteric. Let me give an example. Because I feel so deeply, I over trust people sometimes and have high expectations of their actions. Of course, then I get disappointed when they don’t rise to the occasion. I am vulnerable because I trusted too much. I’ve empowered someone and believed what they promised. Because I tend to see the world through rose colored glasses. However lately, I’ve become a lot better at setting boundaries and not setting expectations of others. I actually work on that daily.

What makes you strong?

I have a hardcore belief in myself that I am acutely intuitive and if I’m feeling something I need to listen to my gut. It’s always right. I know that me and only me has the power to change the stage picture.  That is not to say “I’m always right.” I am not only in consideration of other people’s opinions, I am willing to admit I’m wrong, and hear them out. But convictions to my own beliefs and what works for me is something I listen to because I have a very strong sense of self. 

My mother used to say “the whole world can’t be wrong and you’re right”. I did find out the world could be wrong for me and I had to find my own truth.  It is ironic that something like the Pandemic could happen in the world to the degree that it did. And I knew what was coming back in Feb, tracked it for a month, spoke to epidemiologists I knew, and knew what steps should have been taken worldwide and it didn’t happen… lesson-the whole world can be wrong so you better believe in yourself and know how to cover yourself. 

What makes you happy?

Sometimes the simplistic things make me happy. I love going out dancing, it is the greatest high in the world for me. The way I experience music and clubbing is often a heightened sense of reality, I actually feel like I am transported elsewhere. I am over the top extroverted, so for me just being with people and finding out what makes them tick is incredible fulfilling. I love doing that on “If These Walls Could Talk” and “Triversity Talk”. It is amazing that I can travel all over the world this way without ever leaving my couch.

I can meet people, great musicians, writers, and ask about their fascinating lives! How incredible! The other thing that makes me happy is career success! Projects moving forward, landing larger acting roles, getting the shows I create on bigger platforms! Syndication of “Pandemic Cooking With Wendy”, “If These Walls Could Talk” and “Triversity Talk”!  Now that would make me really happy! Of course, seeing the success of those close to me makes me ecstatic because success is contagious and so much more gratifying if you can celebrate it with your friends! 

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