Tailgate Social – Your New Las Vegas Gameday Experience

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Sports went on a temporary hiatus in 2020 and when they finally did return, the fan experience was seemingly left behind. Las Vegas has taken a hit to sports like so many other cities, with the new Allegiant Stadium sitting empty, but the gameday experience comes to town with the recently opened Tailgate Social at Palace Station.

The name lives up to the billing in every possible way, beginning with a television at every vantage point throughout the restaurant. Tailgating wouldn’t be complete without some competive games to enjoy with friends throughout Tailgate Social. While watching a game is commonplace all over Las Vegas, Tailgate Social has created a breathtaking setting, phenomenal service and a menu that is full of food and cocktails that go perfectly with sports, that is as affordable as any spot you will find in Las Vegas.

Fish Tacos

The food is so good and wide-ranging that you certainly don’t have to limit yourself to eating at Tailgate Social only during a game. You probably aren’t going to find spicy ahi tuna at a lot of tailgates, but you will find it at Tailgate Social and it is highly addictive. The sushi grade tuna is wonderfully flavorful, getting just enough heat from the spicy chile garlic, and is complimented perfectly with the flawless crispy rice. If you are looking for a little more gameday centric appetizer, well the list seems endless and going with a table full of appetizers to share, well that would be a pretty popular choice. I would start off with their very crispy and tasty wings, that come in an abundance of flavors, or the pretzel bites that leave you with the tough decision of whether to dunk them in the flavorful beer cheese fondue or the in house grainy mustard. The best way to go simply might be the giant appetizer sampler platter that also brings in the very cheesy bbq chicken quesadilla. While this might be a bit messy for a true tailgate, it is perfect here, the chili cheese tater tots, which are as exactly as good as they sound.

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

Gameday and cocktails go hand in hand and Tailgate Social not only has a drink for every palate, the #1 Draft Picks are also simply a steal coming in at $9 per drink and an unreal $5 during happy hour. If you want a booming drink, the Moon Runner with City Lights Cherry Lemon Shine is a great way to get things started, as it is as strong as you would expect, but really drinkable with the addition of pineapple juice and a blackberry float. The Raging Bull is a wonderful combination of flavors beginning with Grey Goose, which lets the ginger beer, lime and smoked cherry syrup really shine. The list of cocktails is long, but they will keep you coming back as you can put together your own top ten, rating these drinks. Trying to find a top notch beer list isn’t always easy in Las Vegas, but the tap list is outstanding, featuring such beers as: 7Five Training Day, Brouwerij Bosteels Tripe! Karmeliet, Mother, Earth Cali Creamin’ and one of the best IPA’s around with Elysian’ Space Dust.

Monster Nachos

When it comes to entrees, Tailgate Social takes you from the healthy, the trendy to the go big or go home motto. If you have a party in for the game, nothing says big quite like the 4-Foot Holey Moley Big Ass Stromboli. You need a team to take this apart and the ingredients like everything else on the menu are fantastic, as it is loaded with pepperoni, sausage, roasted peppers and more cheese than you can imagine. If that is a little much for you, but you are in the mood for Italian, the pizzas are incredible and if you love thin crust even better. There are great options, but the Spicy Abe Froman is really what pizza is all about. You will get that perfect Italian Sausage and then peppers and onions throughout and a spicy agave chile that gives it just a little bit of heat, but this pizza brings you a plethora of great flavors.

Holey Moley Big Ass 4 Foot Stromboli

For something a little lighter, the grilled fish tacos are a great option. Much like the spicy ahi tuna, the tacos might seem a bit out of place, but you are simply going to love them and they do Baja proud. You are also going to find the Tailgate Burger and if you are vegan, they have mini vegan cheeseburgers as an alternative. Finally with the popularity of chicken sandwiches, feel free to give the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich a try as they buttermilk and spices make for a great breading and the creamy slaw is the perfect compliment to finish off this sandwich. If you have even a bite left in you at the end of the night, the deep fried Oreos are worth being a little full. That carnival deep fried goodness that is paired with raspberry and vanilla sauces that you could probably eat solo.

Blurred Limes

If you are looking for a new place to catch your favorite sports team and you are looking for a combination of hometown feel and Las Vegas over-the-top goodness, Tailgate Social is a must experience. This is a spot that will likely quickly become a local favorite. But for the tourist that has been led to believe that Las Vegas is that little strip on the boulevard, a five minute drive or Uber will take you to an experience that will make you forget all about the Las Vegas strip.

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